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A couple of movies i had written i've already written jars and i had also written uh a require comedy court which way is up so i had my comedy credentials at order i by ready credentials in order acceptable studio so we were hired collaborators directed screenplay the screenplay turned out to be the for draft of the turk the that and and unlike i think joys which appears u of suit we've talked about you had to rewrite over and over again released a modified based upon the problems and difficulties on said seemed like the house working on the jerk with a pretty uh a plus b equals c or who did you have to rewrite on the on the run as well we don't worry right on the run but whatever work of paramount had a one of those are management short two guy wrote in studio with barry diller michael eisner who had been buried who abc television very good will like or truck david quicker choices they didn't have any confidence holders project so the proclaim time the decided to uh who do another studio the project went universal and a friend of mine comedy writer named michael a liar who had a lot of television michael went to work on the rewrite and good the terrific job the shape of the movie and at the same time carl reiner came on board no right who knows how to get a liar so carl reiner wire collaborated on what was going to be the jerk screenplay creditors story by karl godly people screenplay by diverting microbiome hook we have door priebus actively involved in making that movie i kept out because i another to do uh but they went on to make a classic it was a distance mixer bring it to mind here a little just a piece of the rest restaurant seen here to bring us to lewis your cap another bottle of the shuttle at two i ask but no more 1966 let's large bring us some fresh why the freshest you've got this year's no more this old style we miss you israel i was gearing what sophisticated people here so certainly that character had a voice who talked about previous your all of his own do.

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