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There are artists who do cut pay, though James Brown was the Torius with Dr musicians that they did something. He didn't like, I'm sure there are others. Yeah, but it's different when James somehow win is a man, right? Right. We also know, but people love them. James around people, love those stories of him being like, you came in late on this. He takes one hundred dollars off your pay like a certain way. All right. It was man. That was one person that was shitting on Lauryn Hill on on my time line. And I didn't even want to say because I was why you have big time us this show several times. What are you talking about our harbor? No grudge doors you. I'm looking at it like, hey, maybe you need to go hand or whatever it is for you. That day was more important than being on our show or even letting us know you couldn't be on the show, whatever. And I just let us ly like fucking we feel cool. Imagine me being I only streets like, well, actually, y'all Fave imagine that that's on boost the me, you know, and imagine even worse than that, I hadn't worked with them since two thousand eight dollars doing interviews saying how shady that person was bullshit. Robert was tripping. He was out of pocket. It was necessarily necessary from me to reestablish trust and cultivate a new environment. I was looking to challenge myself artistically. I was also openly challenged musical industry norms. I'd left the machine at with. It went some polish but the 'cause we were fighting for creative integrity was worth far more than a little polish to me. When you're a popular artists of of public figure, people can sometimes forget that you're hiring them to perform a service and that you're not the one they're entertain them. I didn't scream and yell. Maybe I didn't provide experience that a musician may have wanted or expected during that time, but I was straightforward direct about my business, a hand, making art is a labor of love, but it's still labor and can be labor intensive at that. If a musician was looking for cushy job, filled with Saint trappings purposely weaned myself from we wouldn't have been on the same page anyway. Make no mistake. Addiction is a common snare laid to dismantle the.

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