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So it's what you make of it going forward. And I think for the Angelo, honestly after the whole Nick young the Esco. That's exactly what he needed if he was ever gonna get on track. I don't think this Mike. It's about the ngelo Russell because there's so much talk about him getting Unser Omonia sleaze shipped off and the Lakers not considering him part of their plan. And we've created these sort of fan Fiqh narratives about him reacting to that. And proving everyone wrong and shoving it in their faces. Is that actually who he is you get the vibe that a lot of this was something to prove. Or is that uh creating that story? I would say that he won't I would say this. He wouldn't publicly say that. But internally if you talk to those around them, it definitely was added motivation, and he was number two overall pick. It's not guy didn't have talent. But he would always shy away from kind of those expectations. As if like, well, I didn't ask to be drafted number two. That's where I got picked. But I think that he did have a little bit more that chip on his shoulder. And and we we've seen it over time. He said recently he doesn't have anything to prove anymore. It's you know, as plays done the talking, and that's kinda his way of beating around the Bush and saying what he really feels inside. But he won't he won't come out and do that. Especially after you know, what happened with the media in LA is extremely guarded, obviously for for those reasons. How much finality is there to this season and people enjoying the ride knowing that there's some max cap space in the names like Jimmy Butler, and Kyrie Irving has been thrown around. Well, right now Brooklyn's playing with house money going to the playoffs gives them more of an attractive destination. You know, you touched on the clippers is well, how funny is it that ultimately the the little brothers in their market the nuts, and the clippers are now, you know, depending on who you ask in the league have as a tractive as a destination as they're bigger brothers in the Lakers and the New York Knicks to some so ultimately, they're playing with house money. But I think if they could steal a game or two against the Sixers, it we really show people that, hey, if they landed a marquee star, you know, for example, Kevin Durant. The big elephant in the room like they can really be a contender in the east. And I think that it's a at least a year ahead if not to. From where most people thought that they would be based on their rebuilding on one it Spain. Infants we're talking to Mike Scotto, the Atlantic NBA staff writer on the shell Pennzoil performance line. So there's so much excitement in just getting into the postseason. The only problem with that is expectations and their how realistic does this team. And do you think it is for them to actually win a series? I also this within that locker room their expectations are high. They believe that they can spend Dinwiddie enjo- Harris of both set on the record. They're going in there to make noise. They're not just here to make cameo appearance. That's been their whole mentality all year. You look at that entire roster up and down. They all have a chip on their shoulder. Ultimately aside from the ngelo Russell who was the former number two pick everybody else guys like Joe Harris. And then when you were out of the league when the nets pick them up. So they have a clear chip on their shoulder and a lot of the other guys Jared Allen, carousel avert. Those guys actually fell in the draft at the time that they were drafted and the same thing we're rodeo unscrews the year before he was supposed to be first round pick comes out a year later false the number forty. So when you factor all that those optics in they've always played with a chip on their shoulder and rallied around themselves. Collectively the biggest difference for them. It's just that. They. I have an immense chemistry. You, you know, you see them all the time on highlights the way they dance on on the bench reach other. They genuinely care for each other and out of all the locker rooms I've seen in Brooklyn..

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