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The changes the decades have brought He says his focus now was helping others realized their potential has not done with you mean yet. I got a lot of work to do. Melissa. How old w T o p. NIS In other news this afternoon, when the pandemic wiped out ST Patrick's Day celebrations last year, it was heartbreak for a band of young Irish musicians. Today, W T. O P is Meghan Clarity tells us the band has re imagined how to share their songs. When the pandemic hit just days before ST Patrick's Day last year and canceled the bog band's upcoming performances and competition director Mitch Fanning says they embarked on a new idea. We can't took a look at each other and said Well with the kids we've got to use this time. For the kids to continue improve along with artistic director Alex Boat right. They opened the Baltimore Washington Academy of the Irish Arts connecting students with Irish musicians teaching them Irish language and music theory and gathering outside to practice. They're also doing house concerts, where they go up to people's houses with they knock on the door and they play for that family. Hear more of the bog band on the W T o p AP Meghan Cloherty w T O P News. We'll check on sports next to 44. Hopefully be. I know this sort of it. Stuff is not easy. This is Dave Johnson. I think I'm onto my third bracket already. That's why you should do what I did and get started on Fanduel Sports Park, America's number one sports book Because you see on Fanduel, Your first bet is risk free. You heard that right? New users get up to $1000 in sight. Credit back if your first bet doesn't win, And if that's not enough, Fanduel wants to make you a millionaire. Yeah, a millionaire you they're giving away $1 million One lucky better knew it existed. Users also getting additional shot at the payout every day. You bet the attorney, so if you want a shot at becoming a millionaire, or even 1000 dared go ahead, Download the Fanjuls Sports book cap It just make sure you use the promo code. Dave Johnson, so they know I sent you again..

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