House Judiciary Committee, Prostitution, Congress discussed on WBZ Morning News


His son was shot three times. But he was released from the hospital yesterday. He says his son saw the shooting as it happened. A guy. I believe a pistol. I'm not sure guitar case is thought to shoot while hundreds of kids began running for safety. There were heroes who emerged from the houses nearby. Three of the injured remain hospitalized. The prostitution case against Robert Kraft has taken a new twist Florida. Prosecutors say two of crafts attorneys lie during a hearing to suppress evidence. And they want them held in contempt. Crafts lawyers say the allegations are ridiculous false laughable and say they will not be intimidated. Judge's ruling on a bit to throw out video in the case is expected at anytime craft has denied two charges of soliciting prostitution at Jupiter day spa last minute talks in Washington will not change Democrats plans to move forward with contempt of congress charges against attorney general William bar Dave negotiations. It seems the House Judiciary committee and the Justice department could not make concrete progress toward resolve. Giving their dispute resulting from the request to view the full unredacted Muller reports, the Justice department had offered access to more of the reports, but only in a classified setting an only viewing by members and congressional leadership House Democrats say all members should have access and subpoenaed to get it with no middle ground found. The house committee will take up the resolution to hold bar in contempt of congress. Followed by vote which would t it up for a vote in the full house later this week three Marshall ABC news Capitol Hill coming up wrapping right into a controversy in Worcester. It's eight thirty.

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