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The first doubted with it luke maye and i think they got it atlanta calls tom out the ball was spotted just shy of the twelve and i'm not sure why rare signalled first down at this point the ball the new to the walls touching the twelve yard line and they had to give to the twelve four the first down and they're going to bring the chains out get ready for this building to explode if this is a first the chains set on the rear end though the yanks tight toward the twelve the spot of football really eagles the necessary five time out waves the clock at fifty four seconds but now the falcons only have one tara bowed down for now you take a couple of these in this thing is old were the philadelphia eagles will be hosting the nfc championship light here and this girl the nick bulls pigs today the angels are fit steve fading seconds away from their first playoff win in eight years they beat the giants combat today show weekend they lost to the cardinals of that year's nfc championship game this crowd springs to a new bitter theorist hopping and celebrating high fiving and hugging below or on the eagles sidelines many doubted this one seed which share the nfl's best record of thirteen victories the clock remains at fifty two seconds as the falcons at exhausted their final time out fifteen the eagles advantage second it a letter in.

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