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It's a wait a minute so in the middle of all that all right in the middle of all that ghirma came up with what was a better joke than ours his judgment was just bad and we need to be careful around some subject matter and so while the joke was funny to the people who like our show i didn't want people to get the wrong idea that we're making fun of something that we are not absolutely under any conditions making fun of that was a judgment in error an error in judgment rather almost a fine there that is an error in judgment that happened because ghirma can conly confident sometimes so mike ryan i would like for you to explain to us before rich eisen comes on here can you explain to us in bristol give us a handful of things that we need to know about who where warring within bristow who were beefing lance whose furious at me who do i need to repair relationships with what are you learning while a repaired some relationship stemming from the donkey lever toward without stu guts disaster that was this morning a fund morning was that oh yeah it was a glass arab last night a yesterday my very first a meeting of the day was with the seth markman very nice man non that uh run some of the nfl south that we have here and look our show and the nfl it it it may not be a match we totally get it some of those guys aren't comfortable with what we do totally understand it's a little bit more conservative so what i was just trying to do was say hey we're coming from a a funny place were just trying to get some fun content uh we're not meaning to offend anybody for your that's not the intention you can call me directly if there's ever a problem does he like our show who's who seth mark malloch you talk about that off the air with like who cares whether good legs are xuan us interested mike got the vied that he likes her shoulder and she said the.

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