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The news on the BBC world service it's hard to quit me Stephen sack the world's most pressing and potentially dangerous strategic confrontation is playing out in the narrow waterway between Iran and Arabia the United States is leading efforts to isolate the government in Tehran Iran is responding with defiance despite severe economic disruption my guest former British Foreign Secretary Jack straw poll is a veteran of western diplomatic engagement with Iran pardon now here's a spokesman for the Iranian regime far from is a highly critical about vertically the hardliners and their attitude to funding and supporting rejections terrorist groups around the Middle East and not least the attitudes towards the state of Israel however what trump did was to dispose one good thing which was a nuclear deal with at least and short some guarantee on their nuclear capability is that Jack stroll on hard tool after the news BBC news hello on Gerry Smith Japan has decided to impose further trade restrictions on south career the latest step in an increasingly bitter dispute between the two countries okay will remove so from his list of trusted trade partners South Korea called the move reckless Laura Becker is in Seoul the Japanese cabinet voted overwhelmingly to strike hit save Korean neighbor from the list of countries which enjoy minimum trade restrictions last month took you impose stricter rules on the export of chemicals essential to make smart phones and semiconductors which are critical to souls tech industry five of America's largest tech industry groups have written a joint letter to the trade ministers of Japan and South Korea to urge them to cool tensions which threaten global production so believe this move is in retaliation for the Supreme Court decision which ordered Japanese companies to pay compensation to Korean workers who were forced to labor for Tokyo during World War two China's foreign minister one knee has described Donald Trump surprise decision to impose more tariffs on Chinese goods that's not the correct no a constructive way to resolve trade frictions in Beijing's first official reaction the US secretary of state Mike Pompeii who said it was time to deal with what he called China's bad behavior on trade for decades China has taken advantage of trade taking advantage of trade verses United States American thinking about your trade verses countries in Asia Southeast Asia and it's time for that to stop and president trump has said we're going to fix this and to fix it requires determination and that's I think what you saw this morning the president is determined to achieve this outcome the escalating trade disputes have unsettled Asian stock markets which closed about two percent down in Tokyo and Hong Kong the United States has formally withdrawn from the nuclear weapons treaty with Russia raising fears of a new arms race the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty was signed in nineteen ninety seven by president Ronald Reagan and the former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev the US and NATO have accused Russia of violating the paint by deploying a new type of cruise missile which Moscow has tonight Saudi Arabia has announced a new rule that will allow women to travel abroad without to male guardian's permission ending a restriction that has been a symbol of the kingdoms ultra conservative role Charlotte gala has the details every woman in Saudi Arabia no matter who you all you have to have a male guardian it could be your fault that your husband or it could even be your son for lots of women that was completely on possible say these loosening of the guardianship rules is considered a big deal what these changes will mean now is women over the age of twenty one will be able to apply for a passport and travel abroad without permission for the first time in the country's history world news from the BBC a grand daughter of the late American senator Robert F. Kennedy cynosure Kennedy hill has been found dead in the family's home in Massachusetts his response police and paramedics were called to the Kennedy family compound yesterday afternoon they're still investigating the circumstances of seizure Kennedy whose death but at school she had written over a long battle with mental health problems at one stage describing the depression she suffered as feeling like a heavy boulder on her chest in a statement since his grandmother Ethel the widow of Robert Kennedy said the world was a little less beautiful today the lawyer of the Frenchman whose who'd been sentenced to death for drug trafficking in Indonesia says the sentence has been committed to nineteen years in prison league storefront was arrested in September the airport on the island of Lombok his suitcase contained three kilos of drugs Japan has complained to the Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev is visited in the islands claimed by both countries takers from ministry called the visit regrettable Mr J. David went to one of the four Russian held islands of Japan's northern region of a kind emergency work is continuing and Britain to head off the threat of water from a damaged reservoir and go from your town possible down bowl collapse on Thursday of the heavy rain more than six thousand people have been moved from their homes in the town of Wailea bridging Darbyshire man plants have three double should police says it's not clear how long the operation will take very destructive very difficult for the local residents to leave their homes we want them to get back to their homes as quickly as possible we can only do that when he spake today's article they've been absolutely fantastic other really recognize the race this call it out boxing gardens and will be absolutely more than happy more than willing to make sure that they get back into that BBC news welcome to hard to walk on the BBC world service for many students sack my guest today it was Britain's Foreign Secretary through two more jurors times Jack straw was appointed to the post by Tony Blair in two thousand and one within months al Qaeda had mounted the nine eleven attacks on America on the following years brought war and turmoil across the Middle East and beyond one key concern walls Iran and efforts to curb Tehran's extensive and secretive nuclear program Jack straw was an advocate of diplomatic engagement at a time when George W. bush labeled pteron a key player in the so called axis of evil thirteen years on Jack straw it is long out of office but he remains deeply engaged in the debate about how the west should deal with Iran he's just written a book setting the current hostilities in an historical setting he remains a strong advocate of dialogue and cooperation it's a time when military confrontation between Washington and Tehran seems dangerously close Sir can imaginative diplomacy a vote eight calamitous conflict well Jack stroll joins me now welcome to home school your diplomatic engagement with Iran spans two decades and through that period you've been an advocate for dialogue for engagement with Tehran but here we are today with relations between the US the UK and terror on toxic so is it a story of complete failure it's also a complete failure a tool and indeed the nuclear negotiations which the French German foreman says Michael getting in the summer of two thousand three by fits and starts that made the foundation for the switch president Obama and secretary John Kerry I had with president Rouhani and pharmacists are from two thousand thirteen to fifteen which leads to this groundbreaking nuclear deal and the thing about this deal which was agreed internationally turning by the U. S. with nobody was perfect no delays perfect but that didn't damn they're guaranteed thirty rounds could not develop the techniques and the kit necessary to make a nuclear weapon for the next fifteen years service time limited for stop being quite clear but I was also yeah and there was not the sort of them is going to cost what happened at the end of the fifteen is what president trump is done and it looks as a the only reason he decided to destroy the deal what does best of this or that it was because it had been undertaken by president Obama not for any other reason is that there's not as I will have to explain there's a strategy that is discernible behind this he's torn up his side of the deal so that that and what is not done is first of all if if the Dave deal fully collapses then the guarantee that Iran could not developing nuclear weapons next fifteen years does and we already see that the hardliners in the system are desperately anxious to ramp up production of highly enriched uranium and a plutonium they are heavy water let let me stop you there because you would use that she's several really important points I want to go through them one by one I want to start with your analysis of what Donald Trump is playing that you say it was pure spite two two in a sense undo the work done by Barack Obama I would point to be coherent set of reasons that trump and his key advisors have to suggest that Iran is I'm on right reconstructed threat to US and other western powers interests around the world today it's not going to click on the constructed it is a threat the point about Iran is that it is a very divided government you have an elected government rows of the reformist under honey and these are if they don't have ultimate power but they do have a huge amount of insurance fund don't run for the real partnerships with no lights a lot from the navy and all of the security apparatus that tells me that I'm not able to him that that's the era that the American right wing and Netanyahu for example make saying this simply mouth pieces on the front they're not this is very very divided governmental system it's the supreme leader Khamenei and the revolutionary guards who control the cursive apparatus of the state what how many have to accept the nuclear deal under very great pressure from people like Romeo other sensible people in the system who wanted to see around have up in the coming future the irony about trump's position is that the one group in Iran who were cheering his position are indeed the hardliners in the revolutionary guards who always opposed the nuclear deal because they could see how restrictive it was now but if I may have there there is substance behind the American list of reasons why that deal to use trump's melodramatic phrase was the worst deal ever for example ballistic missile technology and development continues in Iran and that represents a fundamental danger view of the Americans for instance another instance Iran's funding all of the different groups in the region and beyond which are absolutely contrary to western interests has been ramped up one only has to look at his Paula one only has to look at the situation in Syria and the Hutus in Yemen all of these are instances where Iran's behavior according to Donald Trump and many others is simply unacceptable our our Arden now here's a spokesman for the Iranian regime far from is a highly critical in my book about about particularly the hardliners and their attitude to funding and supporting rejections terrorist groups around the Middle East and not least the attitudes towards the state of Israel however what trump did was to dispose one good thing which was a nuclear deal with at least and short some guarantee on the nuclear capabilities yes there are other things on the agenda the fact is the rain and the issues of missiles or if their activities elsewhere in the region well not part of the deal in my view if the nuclear deal had settled and it started to produce economic benefits for Iran which was beginning to do not withstanding efforts by the United States even before the latest at trump abandonment of the deal to undermine the economy in Iran than those other items could have been what point one with respect to that that that logical leap you've just made simply doesn't work yes there were economic benefits for Iran after the twenty fifteen signing off the J. C. P. LA but the result was that Iran was able to ramp up ending on its military ram puppet spending in Syria ramp up its spending on his boleh though who's with the very real consequences of the easing of sanctions which you and the people who supported the deal actively I I've been I think that that is what is being asserted by the Americans I think is very went went when the falls within what it's really true the what is entirely true is it wrong it's continued to support people it sees as its erstwhile allies it marks the share community elsewhere in the Middle East what I think is completely exaggerated is the extent to which Iran was able to use the normalization of relations up as a result of the J. C..

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