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Okay on Saturday, Milwaukee, Brewers legend, Bob euchre spinning inning in the FOX booth with Joe buck and John Smoltz, and it was well received nearly across the board. I heard it was. It was great to cameo raised hopes that VIN Scully would follow suit. Once the NFC s returned to l. a. on Monday, but the retired voice of the dodgers declined. When contacted me the LA times VIN claimed he just wouldn't feel right stepping into the spotlight quote. I don't want to just take a bow Scully told the times I just don't feel right doing that. It's not false modesty. I just don't think I belong there. There and quote, let's say I put you Steve Mason in charge of project Scully. Your job is to get him into the booth somehow for one inning. Is there anything you think you could say or do to get this done. No. All right. I've got an idea has let me just let me explain. Let me let me explain on that. So I've always always loved what Johnny Carson did when he retired, he never saw him again. Never saw him again. I think that's the Vince gully plan. Well, he was. He was grand marshal, the rose parade the January after he retired, right? Yes. Okay. Here's the one thing I would have taken a swing at and I don't know if he would have done it, but you tell me if you think it would have worked. Your FOX Cam FOX. You go to him and say, remember that the first game of that series was on the thirtieth anniversary of the Kirk. Gibson Homer, one events, most iconic calls of all time. Your FOX, Kirk Gibson, has Parkinson's your FOX. You go to VIN and you say, we think we've got an opportunity here to do something special and donate some money to a great. 'cause we will give you a million dollars to give to Parkinson's charities. If you come do an inning with Joe Jack buck's son because Jack had the other icons, right? That's Joe is already said he would just step back just with euchre if VIN came into the booth, I would. I would out of the reverence I have for him just step back, but Joe would be there. He'd be sitting in the booth in the same booth that van and Jack and all those guys made the call eighty eight. You put the number for Parkinson's research up on the screen, and you invite Kirk Gibson. I don't know if Kirk sable travel. I think he was in Michigan, so that might have been a non starter, but just for one inning on the thirtieth anniversary of the Gibson Homer, then. Calls in inning. The the number for Parkinson's stays up on the screen. FOX donates a million dollars to Parkinson's. Research VIN does one inning and says goodbye under those circumstances, don't you think Vince the type of guy who would say that I could do? Yeah, I think for a good cause like that in a million dollars, you remember he was on our show as guest once and the reason he was on was because someone had a charity that needed attention and then he was on twice and VIN called a, yeah, because then he came on because he wanted to wish by a Miller. Congratulations when the kings won the Stanley Cup, if it's not about him, VIN will respond. And I think FOX may have missed an opportunity there. Now if LAN Rosen's listening, lawn would is pounding his steering wheel saying, I've told Ireland a million times, Vince not doing it. He's not coming back for any price for any reason. But I think presented with those exact circumstances. Kirk Gibson on the day of the thirtieth anniversary million dollars to Parkinson's research, put the number in the screen for the whole half inning. I think VIN under those unique circumstances might have gone for it on for it. Yeah, mine of I mean, Charles Freeman, tweets, how many times does Mr. Scully have to say no respect his wishes. Well, he'll Charles, he'll get asked every year until he dies. He worked till he was eighty nine. I mean, I don't think we will ever. Seeven do another game. I think you're probably right. But boy, it would have been great when you did grace stick ya. I love. Here's union last Chack of right..

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