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Yelling. Our role is to take three steps back and discern. What really matters Sean Hannity. The most important thing that we do. We are looking out for the forgotten men and women in this country. Laura Ingram, they're going to get a straight shooter no-holds-barred, I'm not gonna cut people slack. Fox's the one place for dissent is allowed. We have voices. We won't be silent. Who controls my voice, nobody talks news channel. Real news. Real honest opinion. Lots of questions about how a Chinese woman was able to make her way onto President Trump's immoral log over Georgia and Florida over the weekend. He was there, but not at the resort when the secret service arrested the woman when those officers caught up with this woman, she had to Chinese passports on her. Here's what we know according to the federal complaint her name is using Zang. And according to that complaint when secret service agents finally detained her she had four cell phones, a laptop computer and external hard drive and a thumb drive with Melwert. Now, according to the complaint, she's being arrested for essentially lying to those secret service officers FOX Blake Berman, the woman's also facing charges of entering restricted Papi. Another chemical explosion near Houston, a tank caught fire at a plant Tuesday, killing one worker, injuring at least two and scaring everybody else to run for safety happened. If Kim co plant in Crosby about twenty five miles northeast of Houston nearby residents ordered to stay inside as crews test for. Air quality and about two weeks ago. A fire broke out at a petrochemical facility endear park, south of Houston. A vigil in New Jersey for the university of South Carolina student murdered after getting into a car. She thought was her herb Uber. The father of Samantha Joseph, son, grieving and angry. They say that something good out of something bad. Still. I I thought to be here. They want to go through this. Is. But. That's what we want. We want something to change, South Carolina. Lawmakers have introduced a Bill requiring HALE writing cars to display illuminated signs annex day for stocks. The Dow fell seventy nine points. The NASDAQ gained nineteen.

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