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You i if i didn't meet you i'd still be in credit card how while you yeah i mean really it is about moving at around it i don't any i hear numbers they tune out i really do so you you hear numbers that high if you're saving twenty three hundred dollars a month that's that's a lot of money five thousand dollars a year what what is there to talk to your wife or spouse about lock it up golmard say let's go it's happy time tonight on eat let's celebrate right well you know crack opened the schweppes and let's go okay let's you are a long romantic walk yeah i'm can get the solo cups in the schwartz outlets ghost meet our let's go an ana slipped and so long hours a note for breakfast all right there was a longrunning divorce case that was in the news and the guy who founded the cancer treatment centers of america his wife one at four hundred thousand dollars a month alimony he ended up getting don't laugh david that's a good deal gray she wanted to go but boyfriend up the ring richard stevenson is the guy's name and this has been going on for eight years it's now been settled that she's going to get twenty seven five hundred dollars a month after taxes 27 jeez while that's that's good blankets vice admiral glove why did they do that zia mistake during the wrong guy for luxury married her husband and then on let them but divorces play into your line of work to divorces one of the largest sources of referral that we have and there was a brand new lending roll prior to the new role we had to count child support and alimony a gut take child's porn alimony against the person paying its income shirt which where is disqualify a lot of people that are paying the alimony but that makes sense doesn't it well it takes away from the ring combine now what what we're able to do is is just take away the child support we don't have to deduct the alimony which opens the door to a ton of your listeners weren't able to qualify for alone prior to this new release in this new rules loosening of the rose bowl were able to now not count so here i with what does it mean dave what are you.

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