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Kareem hunt. But tyreek hill he is. What he is. His speed kills Travis Kelsey with a huge game as a security blanket for Pat home. So he has one hundred sixty eight yards and a couple of touchdowns by Holmes himself. No picks. He ends up with four touchdowns which puts him at forty one on the season. So he's getting closer to that catch up for life deal offered by Hines. He has to get sixteen more in four weeks. I mean, it stopped the realm of possibility, but it's Godley as all get out. But they Mitch Holt as on the chiefs radio network as they managed to survive. The raiders only two teams have been mathematically eliminated from the postseason. That's the raiders and the Niners. So at least you have the warriors as winners. Meanwhile, the NFC west title belongs to the Rams for a second straight year. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio. Got a few minutes here before we hit the top of the hour touched on the Kareem hunt situation earlier in the show for those of you who didn't hear it though. I'll run through some of that again. But I want you to hear what Pat homes and Andy Reid had to say following the game. I've talked to them. Keep it to myself between me and him. But we had a closer relationship. I saw stuff that happened. And I mean, we didn't we don't don't do those things about the same time. I to focus on our organization cheese, and we have to move forward and keep going out there and win football games. If we want to have success this season. We made the decision that we made. We put out a statement to explain that situation. And as we've done in the past. That's where we go. We handle.

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