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A chain reaction crash with three other vehicles two people were killed and two other seriously injured green is twenty one and seven all time in mixed martial arts fighting three times since the wreck matt napolitano fox news germany's weather agency says registered a new national temperature record for june as large parts of europe are dealing with a heat wave a preliminary reading show the mercury reach one hundred one point five degrees near the polish border this afternoon i'm lisa lisera and this is fox news talk of connecticut weather sunny today with highs in the upper eighties chance of showers overnight lows sixty five tomorrow and friday carbon copies sunny highs in the upper eighties chance of showers saturday highs again in the upper eighties get the latest forecast online at talk of connecticut dot com The music you grow up with is back on the talk of Connecticut. join the music professor rob ray for the biggest hansen the fifty Sixty. Seventies. is back every saturday and sunday morning from six to ten talk of connecticut one zero three three it's lars larson great to be with you right here on the talk of connecticut w._d._r. c. w. s. n. g. at w. m w.

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