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Research assistant times as to the length of time of the draw and the maintenance of the nation this is a crude way of controlling the amount of marijuana consumed in this laboratory and others individual performances or not viewed as conclusive many experiments with many different kinds of people using marijuana various strengths will have to be done in exhaustive study before even fragmentary conclusions can be drawn congress with the backing of the nixon administration is writing legislation to strengthen the government's ability to attack the narcotics traffic new tools for the narcotics agent stiffer penalties for the professional smuggler in pusher at the same time the penalties for the casual user of marijuana and other drugs would be reduced a response to the growing awareness that if we want to attack this national problem we must give youngsters more help than punishment abc sam donaldson forty eight years ago four fifty four aaa traffic every ten minutes on the fours ar doing those emphasis patrols this afternoon and evening by the way aaa traffic here's marina we have a problem in lynnwood now northbound four zero five perching damson road so stop and go traffic from the bothell everett highway as you try to head toward the scene northbound i five slow from the boeing freeway to highway two we still have slowdowns westbound five twenty across lake washington from earlier problems so that's gonna be a rough one as you head basically from lake washington boulevard northeast all the way across the water to montlake i ninety westbound is some somewhat slow crossed the lake and southbound i five still really struggling from the duwamish curves down to the kenton moins rhone where the car pool lane is blocked your next komo traffic at five zero four showers tomorrow morning with a high in the mid fifties.

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