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Him. So we got on a C seventeen less than forty eight hours. There was probably about one hundred wounded warriors on this flight and amazed me the amount of people that were on this flight, and they had to wait for my little guy to come up. So he flew. And a little tiny incubator with a team of. I think it was like six nurses and respiratory therapists from the army. She's the one who kept his oxygen in the air. And I always tell people you don't know pain until you're on a C seventeen less than forty hours in a jump seat after getting. And of course comes in like halfway through the flight. And there's about one hundred. Around me. So that I can pump and stuff for him. Same thing. You just got to get attitude about it. It's just circumstance. What else could you do at the time? Then we came to Walter Reed. They went to Walter Reed eventually got on a plane. The rotator to coming back to the states with Joey. So generally about a week later because the first time stayed at the Fisher house, and then we she ended up getting medevac Don here, Jeremy to Portsmouth and fish household aside because I was stationed in Germany still house. We have a house live my best friend was stationed out here. That's still an hour away. Jeremy couldn't be that far away from the hospital. Officials put us in we stayed here borrowed his car, and we didn't after.

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