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Presentation because this podcast episode is going to be done a little bit more like a presentation verses just audio and he's going to have some pretty fantastic slides so you can go and find me on youtube yes. I have a youtube channel now. And i'm launching it with dr bill lawrence's presentation people. This presentation has been done all over europe at longevity conferences for doctors from all over the world and other people in the health space who are interested in longevity so going over sandy cay nutrition. You'll find me on youtube and you can watch part one of this particular podcast episode. I will have a part one. And i will have a part to that will release later so part one will be one of the clinical studies and part two will be the other one. I'm not gonna speak too much more about it. Because i really like for you to listen to dr lords. So i'm going to just had a couple of quick announcements one is obviously. I've launched my youtube channel so gone over and subscribe there it. Sandy cay nutrition just like everywhere else. But i'm going to have some pretty fantastic podcasting clips where you're gonna be able to see the people behind the mic including myself. Sometimes the visual is quite enjoyable and a lot of times. I will watch youtube videos. As i'm cooking so i can listen and watch at the same time. So go on over and subscribe ign also obviously on instagram at syndicate nutrition on facebook page syndicate nutrition. I women's group on facebook syndicate nutrition health and lifestyle queen. You have to answer a few questions to be part of that. I'm also on tick talk. I'm on twitter account everywhere guys and girls so go find me on these different platforms. I do my best to be present as i can. I'm also on. Clubhouse can find me on clubhouse unusually in a room called biohacking women fifty plus every morning at eight thirty eastern with along with many other amazing women from all over the world who have knowledge in so many different aspects to aging. Well so if you're on clubhouse going finally there and follow me there. I am also on spotify green room. Some of you might have heard of it. It's a new audio platform kind of like clubhouse haven't done a lot there but i am there so without further ado. I am going to cut on through now to the interview. Part one with dr bill lawrence.

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