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Turn out especially the first couple of days was absolutely incredible it definitely exceeded the expectations closer to the mid town center on the north side you most on the south side first come first serve they open at eleven this morning over thirty Wisconsin National Guard members helping out at the state call center that lets people know they're covered nineteen test results technical sergeant David Brown says it's a privilege to serve his community in this way to be part of that same community to come in and during this uncertain situation trying to provide some sanity and help members throughout this process and everything guard members have gotten special training to handle the medical part of those calls forty nine states he some stay at home restrictions summer seeing spikes including Texas seven hundred new cases around Amarillo alone ABC news contributor and former homeland security adviser for president trump Tom Bossert says that although Corbett nineteen cases will not go away when the restrictions are lifted everywhere we should have a road map for containing future operate sign is going to be like it was in the beginning outbreak numbers going from small flare ups to larger trends in any community it's not gonna result this time though in a whole nation wide plank it shut down this time it should be city by city looking for cases that are contained in nursing homes or small areas through the viruses killed nearly ninety thousand Americans Wisconsin's morning news sponsored by a sweet grass and sage run dolphin island resort and casino coming up taking dedication to work to a whole new level WTMJ.

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