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He knows all the tricks. He does get all the tricks. They said the ratings were huge in Chicago, but not in the country. Meaning nobody cared about the bears of Seahawks. So there is a question about if this day ESPN viewers in Texas, if they care about linebacker, Brian Urlacher, they might not know I can see why wouldn't be a big game around the country hair transplant people that's a huge market for ESPN. But that's a great opportunity than for say. The bears website stream it live or for the. Well, I they didn't as far as I know. But I'm just saying somebody could have stepped in and done it. If ESPN was not going to do it would have been fun to see. Yeah. That's over now next to the Van Dyke. Trout continues the Van Dyke slash Lequan McDonald, Vendex partner testifying under immunity says the shooting video doesn't accurately depict what he saw or what what what what what what did he say? He said that the angle in which the video does not show accurately what they saw from the side, which was Lequan McDonald turning his turning right towards him his shoulder opening up with a stare in his eye, and they recognize the danger the imminent danger. And that's why Jason Van Dyke fired. You don't see in the tape from behind? They saw as he turned right towards it. Now, the only one to fire them, that's the key. They said that because the the actual his partner Walsh on the stand said he felt that Jason Van Dyke had had done it for both of them, essentially what he said, well, the idea that because Jason Van Dyke had fired he had protected both. He and Van Dyke slot. There was another. Right. Yeah. Yeah. There was another part of the trial to yesterday that another officer testified he was about a minute away with a tasers which were there waiting out. Right. Why nobody had stopped him in the first. Here's a question that I would like to ask Karen Conte, and I would ask everybody out there. They're showing the prosecution's showing different angles of different videos from businesses in the area, and they're making a case. But the big disputed video is from the Burger King that was actually right in front of race. Right. But this is the issue that they have on video they show police coming into the Burger King and pointing at the camera and being like, hey, we need. I the thought is the managers said they wanted to see the tape. And when they came out twenty five minutes were deleted of the moment that is not referenced in this trial at all because I don't know if it's speculation 'cause it's not there anymore. What the deal is. But that's that seems. Very weird scenario. Legal so asked hearing scheduled for Monday and Abrek Cavanaugh mess for the supreme court Christine Blasi Ford was accused cavenaugh assaulting her a high school party more than thirty years ago. Said through her attorneys. She wants the FBI to investigate before. She testified. New information has come forward this morning that says, but that absolutely should happen. We'll talk about that coming up. He of course has categorically denied her accusation. Julia Julia, Louis Dreyfuss among hundreds of Holton arms alumni, that's the school. That we're talking about from which these folks can to sign a letter in support of Ford. Kevin I believe is an all boys prep school called, Georgetown prep. Holton arms is the school for Blasi forty nine. I think she was a couple of years behind. Thanks seventy-nine. Julia Louis Dreyfus route seventy nine can you imagine somebody high school in seventy nine? That's crazy. That's right. I was a senior. Yeah. Hello. Some of us were in college. Very interesting points coming up from that. And. You millennials according to the US census population estimate. Seventy three percent of west loop. Residents are millennials slipped at Saint seventy three percent seventy three seventy three percent seven out of ten. That's a makes makes you grandpa over there. There's a over there. There's a bar at lake and Morgan on the west loop right at the L stop there where you can see.

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