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So you know Michael. Pittman had a lot like he was. He was very good. You know just the numbers that he had how he works in. The office they're spread system was was built on him. You know producing I think when he came to South Bend what we did a fantastic job of creating a game plan that allowed us to very much yield him. Hold him down so am I think he's probably one of the best. Obviously I mentioned t higgins earlier another. You know highly rated guy that are that we faced and our thing I've seen well against those guys are match. I was GONNA say we've sort of been talking to just sort of getting to know you guys. I think we can read a lot about you. Guys if we google you troy. There's a lot of information. Especially if Notre Dame that cranks out all sorts of media what has been your guilty pleasure and I know you guys are trying to stay disciplined and make sure you've got a regimen at home in the absence of these performance trainers and nutritionists. What are you reaching? Four and those moments late at night in your cupboard that maybe you shouldn't be eating in preparation for the draft. I'll go ahead. I'll call out Carter Coughlin. You told us. He's watching movies with his family recently. Went to grab lucky. Charms and his brother made sure that it was a healthy milkshake. What have you found yourself gravitating towards? Especially because we're all sort of in quarantine eating stuff wouldn't normally eat so for me is on the Veggie straws like my kids. Lots those listening Zesty Randazzo. I can't I honestly can eat a whole bag. And it's not like my best and that's that's my that's my honest truth. Schilling but man like when I get to eat most Li like I can't put them down and I definitely can't put him up so for me that's to read us for me. I mean I feel like the Veggie. Straws are actually not as bad as a whole bag of nacho cheese doritos. But it's like once you start. You can't stop you know now. We did talk a lot about Jalen and and cowboys. Have you gotten a chance to talk to them at all during this process? Either at the combine or for a video conference or anything like that. Yes so I've talked to some of the personnel Chris whole we had. We had a loan. You know conversation just about characters like that. Some of the coaches. I saw obviously summit the senior bowl combine so miss hasn't been like a fool. Sit Down Interview Jerry. Jones or Mike McCarthy most bartell's align that personnel and. I hope that they understand the background noise. No no no. You're you're good now now. I think everybody Is is pretty impressed with how you handle yourself. That's one of the things you hear a lot when you talk to. People is is You know that there is high character there with Roy. Pride so I'm sure everybody would like to get to know you a little bit better so you. Are you ready for some get to know your questions absolutely? Yeah let's listen are cool so What's the pre-game hype? Song or pre game hype artist. What are you listening to to get ready well? Geez I have a whole sob created like multiple platelets from multiple situations. Allow playlist on my height my height rappers be like Jabil is from Chicago. Yeah that was Kayla Jason's go-to man. He I mean he could speak. He gets bars and get the peace with it and shoe for Gamera. You ready to go. I promise you that title to a playlist Okay I have an RN. Be Kinda like by cintas called maxing and relaxing. That's not bad so Cheesy I have one for Corinthian. I call it the ISOS sound back so I'm not. I'm just worried about being an alphabetical order. So I was just named my platelets like one two three because then I know because then I can get to. If it's because my kids have playlist on our Amazon music and like I got I got to be able to have mine of the top So if it wasn't football that you'd be pursuing your Notre Dame guy that's a a you know really good school. What what would you be pursued for career? So I think I'll stay around the sport or just being the was world in trying to be maybe a sports broadcaster or journal Journalism of some. You know regard because I just love you know talking about being around and have an opportunity to be around sports so I think I'll probably just going to broadcast journalism if you could pick Let's say you could go in the first round and you'd have no ability to pick where you go. Obviously you just get picked where you're picked in the first or you go sometime on day three but you get to pick the team that you go to. Which would you do So true. I'm GONNA be honest. It's been a dream of mine and my family's really go to the cowboys. So if I can pick that out that I would pass that a first first round was fine but you know once you get three year four all the money to saint so yeah yeah there you go. That's so if you were to pick somebody that this is always one that I know takes guys a little second to figure out who they'd pick. But if you were to pick somebody to run like a Kevin Durant style burner account for you. So they'd pick off all your trolls who are coming at you It can be somebody real or fictional dead or alive. I always default to Eric Cartman from South Park as my guy to run it. So so who would you pick to run your burner account for you? Probably Rick from Ricky morning. That's a good one. I have not gotten that one yet. You usually yeah. We get the the Eric Cartman or or lately we've been getting a lot of Riley Freeman from the boondocks. Great big rich was too. He would he he he takes him people down What what would you say is your best like quarantine net flicks recommendation right now? So have you ever seen money Absolutely jump on money highly part death. It's a great show. Let me give you something a little A little less common. I've got a whole list truly phone so like movies. I'll say if you haven't if you haven't Saint. Would you rather you need to check it out? Okay okay we we. We saw last night wife and I watched sleeping with other people which is about a five year old rom com with Jason today because an Allison Brie really good. Everybody should check it out. I think now but now I just want to warn you. Would you rather is a little scary? I'm I mean go ahead I. I think I'll be good now. We have. You gotten a chance to watch tiger king yet. Okay so so Jane you know. Jane's always got ask the guys the question that they've watched tiger king too. Carol Baskin feed her husband to the Tigers. Okay yes why because I think he was ready to move on. I think she was gonNA. She was gonna see the he was gonNA leave her with nothing again. She had been abused before so she wasn't ready for their life again especially with no money so. I think you know it happened. It was a heated argument. Might be hidden or something. Yeah now she panicked and she cut up through over. You'll see she really. Yeah that's why you're going to be a journalist. Visiting you decide to leave football this ahead. You say journalism. He's asking the WHO what when where. Why and how this is. This is This is a cerebral notre dame guy. He knows what he's doing. He's got it all figured and remember the Sardine Oil. She mentioned if I wanted somebody to a tiger. You've got to rub them up and starting. It's like okay. Well how do you know that exactly? And then the fact that she was like after the interviews and just trying to redirect trying to direct the attention he has dementia. All that stuff is like pushing them off the trail. So Yeah Yeah I mean. We're we're all on the choice coming for Carol Baskin when he becomes an investigative journalist. So I've got one question for you before we wrap you up you sent. You've talked to the cowboys Chris Hall Long Convoy about character. What have been some of the more meaningful conversations you've had with teams in other words teams that you feel have really bought in and you've talked multiple times You know there's there's teams that I've talked to you. Know via facetime that up I've had me reiterate like defensive scheme to them or a specific call which is probably one of the more meaningful things like just for you to understand my football knowledge and see how that truly note is interesting to see in no like arm between like a coaching players. Like okay he just told me all this information how much of that kind of recite back to teach him so it just goes to. You know how much I can learn how much no in you know by television. The game picking up a system quickly especially with the quarantine. Now like if we can't go. Ota's off we can't meet face to face you know. I'm going to have to learn a whole system through base time or IPADS and stuff like that. So if you know that if you have that then that's very what are some of the organizations which you say you've had conversations like that with so. I've talked to the Tennessee. Titans own the Minnesota Vikings New England Patriots Seattle not forget anybody out. Just just I mean for the most part. Those teams especially Come on I sat down with Denver Broncos ahead a full meeting with them as well as the Vikings and It's been interesting you'll just to see everybody because of the scene while I can remember. I made teams. I literally sat down with Talk Football Carolina Panthers although seems as a specific so I was like to wrap up by asking guys. 'cause you know football's a big part obviously but Gear person outside of this. Oh so what does it. Do you want people to remember about you? What's the impression you WANNA leave with? People outside of a game of football unique them. You know have a signature just a football player and I love football. And that's what I do but I mean unique individual Do a lot of different things. I've got a lot of good different interests and that you know I'm one of the I'm one of the most unique people that's probably me just from a wide array of like reading books reading right now. I've got my Netflix suggestion. I'm a very big psychological thriller movie watcher and You Normal Fun guys so I was really. I was waiting for the I was waiting for the for the Kawai Laugh. I DIDN'T GET IT I. I was seeing the book recommendations that Troy Pride Book Club. Okay I've got I've got. This is my one recommendations actually right here. Relentless haven't read relentless is is is the real deal. Now I've been also reading on this. Professional real estate development is just like something like a little like for later on maybe getting into real estate and then You know my daily devotional uncommon. Only Dungy Kinda gone through. You know life in life with football life with religion life with God everything like that. So this is Kinda my workspace. So that's what happened like very accessible there you go. That's my book recommendation the Challenger Sale. So so you'll yeah you'll have to check that out the challenger sale by Matthew Dickinson. Or Dickson and Brent Adamson and I know you. Jane's got her bugs and now Jane. Yeah we gotta get the Jane Book Club Recommendation. All right I'm all about the secret. The magic your thoughts become reality so you want to read this. It helps you train your brain everyday. When you wake up so big big Fan Rhonda Byrne Rhonda Byrne was Oprah Book Club at see there. You go see him. Relentless is very similar to that. It's like training your mind it. The books has Going from good to great stop is basically training your mind in competition to be the best in after like. It's a Kobe story. Michael Jordan Story Dwayne story all that like encompass through the trainer. Tim Grover I said speaking of that the other one that. Nfl coaches have made me read. And I love it is the obstacle is the way by Ryan holiday. You are if you like that stuff about people who have gone from good degrade or used adversity to propel themselves to the next up Ryan Holiday Big Fan. So yeah so there. We go so for Book Club Recommendations Net flicks recommendations football investigative journalism into crazy lion. Ladies in Florida you can get all of it at troy prides twitter at Troy Pride Eighteen tour. We appreciate your man and Good luck thank you joining us. Now is Boise State defensive. End Curtis Weaver. One of the most prolific pass rushers in the country. You can follow him on twitter at Curtis Weaver. Ninety nine curtis how you doing Ma'am great public. You guys doing great. I just mentioned there. The You know you kind of bursting onto the scene at Boise. You had eleven sacks when you were a freshman the you you put up incredible numbers there for your three years all time mountain west leader in sacks second all time in Boise state history and it was done in just those three years. You didn't even stay the full four do you? The the national conversation about prospects in this year's draft is giving your resume enough respected do you do you think your enough part of the discussion of some of the top edge rushers in the class. I always feel that It would be bad if I feel that generally speaking but I feel like I'm the top pass from natural pass rusher in address. I'm no disrespect to.

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