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Greg matzek at the johnson bank sports desk at miller parque greg hey john looking for a nice win tonight here for the milwaukee brewers if they can get it the roof is closed as you might imagine pretty darn cold outside for a baseball game but nonetheless burgers and cardinals will square off beginning at six five our pre game coverage on wtmj and the associated bank brewers radio network some under the radar moves in the off season have really paid dividends so far in the early going radio play by play man jeff levering believes some of these moves could end up being headlines steelers matt albers really gone to the radar how good he was last year with the washington nationals lengthening role in van band jennings is a great pick out right after the season started at three straight years the brewers just made a move right after the start of the season of jared us last year carlos horrors couple years you've got the bullpen outstanding last night in relief of chase sanderson as the brewers pulled off an incredible victory right now batting practice about to take place the cardinals are doing some work on the side of the field stretching in the outfield brewers relievers getting some long tossing in as well out in right field nfl news after four seasons with the packers tied in richard rogers is leaving green bay for philadelphia where he'll sign a one year deal according to the nfl network rogers had just twelve receptions for one hundred sixty yards last season the magic number two clinton playoff berth is down to one team will be scoreboard watching tonight if the pistons fall to the seventy sixers the bucks will be postseason team for the second straight year just four games remain on the regular season schedule about home stan continues thursday night against the brooklyn nets key win for the bucks last night over the celtics john it could be a playoff preview and a lot of people wondering in boston we'll kyrie irving be back while marcus smart be back talking about a fourtime allstar in irving and maybe the celtics best defensive player might be who've the bucks to land in that seven position if they can it looks like a question mark in boston right now it could be a good match.

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