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And it was just the wrong time things were so fancier. They said step out. And that was it. But that was there was a lot of tension on that movie. I mean, I had a great time. And it was really it was really exciting. But it was strange because in the first day, I think we got a week behind because Michael Jamuna was developing this thing in in the way that the studio wasn't quite down with. He was created. No material all the time. I was basically unscripted extra extra and he started putting me in scenes and things it didn't really cut me out. I could if we watch it if we sat, and we watch the movie I can show you where I am because I'm peppered all through it. The new drinking game the new drink look. Just look drunk. There. But yeah, it was it was a humiliating thing. But on the other hand, I was supposed to only go out there for two weeks, and then go back to theater and then come back for like another two weeks will when I got there. I didn't have an agent or anything they just caught cast me from Saint me at the theater. I they said guess what you're not on this thing called the daily contract and more. They ripped it up. And they said you're on a weekly, and we're going to keep you as long as we'd like because this is in you wouldn't argue with that I had just one big movie with and they were like you're lucky to be here. You know lucky you, so, but that created a problem with theater, so it was a mixed blessing. When I got fired. I was then back with my colleagues with the people that I my life really was with. So while it was humiliating that my foray into the professional world was kind of stunted there. I also remember being happy at that. Okay. I'm I'm going home. I'm going home to do work. What I say the mind boggling, then that was mind boggling at once film top to bottom, and it was a wonderful experience in. They were doing wonderful things. It's you know, it just got off track. Yeah. And also somewhere, you know, it's famously. Was relevancy in some what what people remember is that it sunk is studio and. In those days. You know, it was. I don't know a sink or swim immediately. And they really hold it. They didn't even give it a chance, and it became a whipping boy. So even though personally I was in a hurt by that experience. I don't gloat at all. Because I he was doing something interesting and from a financial standpoint, I get it. I get it. He was putting resources at risk and he was being low irresponsible. But he was also. Trying to make a great movie. So I I had a lot of respect for him. And I wouldn't call it a strikeout it has too many good things in it. Yeah. And and you know, he could be rough and she could be demanding. And it could be a perfectionist on all those things. But there were also he was very talented. So I can't I can't I can't you know, You know, I I got got a. a foot both camps on that. Yeah. Well, that's a hell of a baptism of fire. That's an interesting note to be fair. I mean, that's that. Really? That was my first like studio experience there that was a time where people were making films. So I I was involved in you know. Small films downtown at that time, they weren't professional, but they were still interesting. So it's not like what it sounds like, you don't know. Accept the the the the lunch breaks pet. You know, the thing that I remembered that really shocked me, and this was interesting when I got there. I was working in this downtown theater. And then I got there and everybody when they were hanging out they were talking about their houses and their careers and their horses and their webs when I was at home people were talking about literature. It was a different culture young as my entered doctrine to kind of. Professionalism and a lifestyle thing that was very stamped by Hollywood. Yeah. Well, it is a company town. And there's no mistaking. Yeah. And more than a couple of days..

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