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No, Here's Jack Corrigan and Mike Race. From cores Field. It's opening day, two point, no As the Rockies begin a series this afternoon, a three game er with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Everybody. Jack Corrigan, along with Mike Rice and our executive producer, Jesse Thomas, here at Coors Field. We've got dragon red beard, taking care of things that master control. It is windy but delightful day and everybody excited about full capacity about that jet going to be a lot of fun is everything gets back to the way it should be full capacity and Couple of teams that are very similar in many respects and a guy who has pitched at Coors Field before going for the opposition. Tyler Anderson for the Pirates. Kyle Free Land for the Rockies. Here's Our pregame line report presented by Bed MGM the king of Sports books. Download the bed. MGM turned game days into paydays, Please bet responsibly. Rockies AR minus 1 25 favorites this afternoon. The game run total is 11.5 Carl Freeland. Strikeout over under number is 3.5. Well for Bucko starter Tyler Anderson. His is 4.5. In addition, bed MGM has you covered for tonight's Game five between the Clippers and the sons. Sons are five point favorites..

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