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General omar bradley was a an icon to the people of that era there was unknown and i have never forgotten see we were you will to maintain your composure through all that i mean you get flown to the president or soon to be president being sworn in then you turn you seen icon on the other side were you able to maintain your composure through all that yeah i think i was just none through it all i didn't even which is even register you know now it right i mean obviously i know who he was and i was very uh we were all very honored to be selected see you get to college and d were there any particular teachers they're there to i've read about history nikon but were there any particular teachers red at large impact on you the the one professor in economics financial organisation investment was a he was the head of the the economics department dr join me and he was an interesting gentleman to say the least if you weren't pay attention he had a great are he should have been at shortstop i don't think these schools existence way today but we used to have blackboard all the way across from the room and all the way down aside the room and he would start at the class over here at the left hand side putting things up and talking it's and on and on lecturing in his suit would get all covered with chalk dust and so on and then he turnaround outta nowhere need say tam what about whatever the question was if you didn't get it he take that he racer and he'd hit him in the hit in the shoulder your mark was if you came out of the class with no chalkmarks i was a successful after an an and i can also just to put it in a little perspective i remember the day the dow jones average hit three thousand.

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