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This is national native news on Tonia Gonzalez hours after police moved in to dismantle of rail blockade in Ontario. There was national reaction. Dan Carpenter reports on Monday morning. Police moved in on the tie. In the Naga Mohawks Rail Blockade Near Belleville Ontario. Several people were arrested. The barricade had been set up more than two weeks ago in support of the Weser Watan hereditary chiefs in British Columbia who are opposing a natural gas pipeline project in northern BC this blockade and others across the country had begun to squeeze the Canadian economy CNN. Shut down its eastern freight network and via rail suspended all passenger service across Canada. There were layoffs in the rail industry and businesses were beginning to feel some shortages. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had been calling for patients and dialogue but a few days ago that changed and after the Police Action. He said his government had no choice for wind. It became clear that there was no reciprocal openness to dialogue from the West Western hereditary leader chiefs. We made new shift in our posture in response to the police action. There were demonstrations in Ottawa and ruling blockades in Quebec from the Mohawk said. GonNa why and and Sheila North a former grand chief of Manitoba says this dispute is not over. This is not done by by a long shot and this can only be resolved if there is actual commitment by the federal government. I believe to move on the long studying issues that face the meanwhile Trudeau says his government is still on the path to reconciliation and will continue to work towards that but the barricades had to come down for national native news. I'm Dan Carpenter. Look South Dakota House. Committee has voted not to allow tribes to seek reimbursement for expenses associated with pipeline protests. Last year's legislature established the Peace Fund to collect money for state or political subdivisions for budgets stressed if demonstrations take place against the keystone xl. Pipeline Victoria. Wicks has this report. Last year's failed riot boosting statute had a companion law that survived called the Peace Fund created to collect revenue from civil penalties judgments and finds the fund exists to pay expenses for state and local governments dealing with protesters against the keystone pipeline. If it is built it will cross rural areas with few resources and few law enforcement officers to deal with problems representative. Sean Bordeaux believes that description fits his reservation. The Rosebud where a checkerboard of trust land lies in the path of the pipeline just east of boundary lines. We got over a million acres community spread out over five counties and I'm kind of taken aback by one comment. I heard yesterday about how you know. Some of this activity doesn't happen on the reservation. Well with where this activity is going to be happening. I can spit from trust. Land onto this pipeline. He's as protesters take refuge on tribal land than tribal police have to respond opponent. Chris determine is director of the division of emergency services for the Department of Public Safety. There are no structures being planned for or built on reservation land therefore it is not a direct impact on reservation. Land termine says the law is not intended to cover costs of sovereign tribes who have their own governmental structures for National Native News. I'm Victoria wicks in rapid city. South Dakota a bill introduced in the Illinois. Legislature would prohibit schools from using India mascots or logos unless the school gets consent from a tribe under the bill. The tribe must be within five hundred miles of the school andrew new consent every five years. The bill is currently in a house. Committee I man Tony Gonzalez..

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