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Get me fight fan from three one three unless get to it all right. Well we got a lot to talk about. I said you guys notice things to talk about. But where we get into that. Like i mentioned. Mr freeze is also the host of the podcast called wrappings dip graham ramblings of agreement. So tell us a little bit about what's been going on on your show. And what they can expect over there for you. And all your rambling. During football season. We had a gambling show called gambling with a grappling and so now football. Season's over in a gambling has been legalized in the state of michigan. We have these beautiful. You have see cards coming up which Might have the dip our toes in there some special gas already one. I already one. Hundred eric lewis. Knock out it's all going to beautiful thing. I love the gambling We talk they're hearing a little bit too good platform for it. The with the gambling folks. The fighting more than i do twenty soon. The knockouts three council on the pro wrestling at things. Making the rounds of the gambling grapple meant to deep dive into pro wrestling. Business recently broke down. The art of an entrance. Didn't alternate commentary to hogan warrior. Wcw doing all kinds of things whatever's on a brain ever i feel like rambling about the world professional wrestling. I'm spew it out recently. Did a dry run episode of the special guests Recapping aew dynamite might have some recaps in the future with our thoughts on things. They're like. I said it's open. It's an open pro wrestling forum and we will We will continue to discuss things there. If i have a guest. or not. Extend whatever's in the brain mind needs to get out in. That's where my podcast for well. I'm saying if you ever need somebody comes shoot shit about wrassling. Give your boy at call. I'll you don't no doubt about it. Always plus always welcome on here. So that's get you back on their with lanta to uh get a break down there and i think perfect platforms. That would be a gambling episode on the ufc. Become with it. I'm with it. I i've just started to kind of dip my toes into that guy at work. Kinda got me using the whole fan thing and it's like it's crazy. 'cause it's like he don't got a damn clue when it comes to the fight so he wants me to help pick all the and then so the first week. I bet like thirty bucks and i won. I won had like ninety four fifty at the end of the night. So i i won. I want my money back. Plus another sixty eight data like austin. Pori me.

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