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Who has it's an sm ass product for e-commerce shops and one thing that we were chatting about was just how not real time email is anymore and as someone who obviously built in esp p. And still there's still a ton of value in email. There's still. There's a purpose for it but sms and facebook messenger and in-app notifications whether it's web app or whether it's mobile app push i mean there's all these things that really do. They do different jobs now. And so i i totally hear you and i feel like this is a really evolving peace. Even to the point of inner common drift kind of lodged things like intercom had to come on the scene. They had the chat widget but they were also email. And i don't know if you would need to do that today. I don't know that that's a requirement. Also have the email piece. Because i just think the job is is so different. A lot of customers don't use email. But then i think email is here to stay. What we want to do is overtime just sent as few emails as possible so like to e mail deliveries but very smart or leave a notification. Hasn't been seen or maybe batch them up and then send them out in an email so it's almost like you wanna really kind of lead the way and decluttering your user's inbox and you want to respect it more so and it's also good for application to us to much rely on it. Yeah because you want to hit them when they're thinking about it and when they're in their email inbox often thinking about other things. I want to get work done. A lot of people use their inbox as their to do list versus when they log in to magic bell. They're thinking okay. I'm in the magic. Bow mindset oh here's some notifications about new updates about something that happened in magic. It's like they're already in that context. So i i think there's a lot there. Yeah and then all these users like insurance agents customer support agents. They're already online for like eight hours right now. A lot of applications a lot of our users come to us because they use us have to go back to email to check notifications and then come back again and they can build this themselves but it takes months vitriol time being hard and just multi channel and so what we're eliminating for them. It's like you're us already are being your attention but you just don't have a way to leverage it and that's what magical office do so i want to switch it up a little bit and talk about something. We were talking about offline right before we hit record which was this idea of being bootstrap for funded and something you said to me. I think is worth diving into. And it's you said there's often this. Anti funding mindset or an anti funding rhetoric. That probably came about fifteen or twenty years ago. When the funding landscape was not that founder friendly it was different and these are my words now. In my opinion it was paul. Graham that changed. It was y. Combinator because before that the docks were opaque there is an information asymmetry where investors had all the info about terms and we didn't as founders and paul gremaldi change that i know there's been arguments that pogrom potentially took it too far away. She has taken it too far. You don't have to comment on this. Having gone through. I see but i've heard some investors jason calcutta's say it's people in a garage and they expect expected ten million dollar valuation or an uncapped note or something which is so not investor-friendly that it cuts the other way but all that said the landscape today there is no doubt is night day different than twenty years ago. You wanna talk me through your thoughts..

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