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Are 2 25 couple of alternating lane blockages and getting London in the Gulf Coast windows dot com 24 hour traffic center. And a dryer tone taken over to the forecast for saying goodbye Debate A pushing out the Louisiana heaviest rains out the central parishes of Louisiana tonight from what used to be tropical Storm bait across Alexandria. We've got some cloud cover here for tonight, but I'm nothing on radar 67 are low and some sunshine showing up Thursday Friday through the weekend with Upper seventies low eighties Thursday Friday. Mid upper eighties. Saturday Sunday meteorologist Scott Larrimore, the Weather Channel Cloudy and 72 with the K T. R H top tanks, Defenders. 24 hour Weather Center Katya It's news time 12 0 to our top story, while the two officers shot in Louisville expected to recover during a press conference Wednesday, interim police chief Rob's Schrader says that One of the officers is alert. The other was in surgery at last check, very concerned about the safety of our awesome Obviously, we've had two officers shot tonight and it's very serious. It's a very dangerous condition. Chief, Schrader says neither officers wounds are believed to be life threatening. They were shot last night last night there were protests over the Briana Taylor case were going on. One person is in custody. Harris County has added nearly 14,000 covert 19 cases to its total things to a backlog of test results dating back several weeks and months. Dr James McDivitt with the Baylor College of Medicine, they are receiving information over 600 different laboratories and all sorts of four minutes. So it was like trying. So who's not somebody's people physically riding on pieces of paper, the results of the Kobe test and faxing it. That's from our TV partner channel to a similar backlog issue was reported last month by the Texas Department of State Health Services. Katya Reach news time is 12 03 University of Houston now over three and attempts to kick off it's football season. North Texas football. In a statement Wednesday said that four players tested positive for the Corona virus this past week, and subsequent contact tracing has left the mean green unable to field a team for Saturday's game against Houston is the fourth season opener delayed for Houston by Cove in 19 opening games against Rice, Memphis and Baylor, all postponed or cancelled, And in all four cases, the Cougars opponents were the ones that had the Corona virus issues. In addition, Houston also The game schedule against Washington State back on September 12 but that was cancelled after the Pac 12 decided to not have its fall season on time. Next up for the Cougars, hopefully.

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