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President Joe Biden hunter Biden who served on the board of the Ukrainian energy company the reason I had been tangled in controversy amid the impeachment of president trump Democrats have set such an investigation is politically motivated German Johnson who insists it is not with the issue in the spotlight the day after Joe Biden super Tuesday victories Linda Kenyon Washington president trump and vice president pence have declined an invitation to attend the annual St Patrick's day lunch on Capitol Hill that was set for Thursday this would be the first time since the event's founding more than three decades ago in the time of tip o'neill that either the president or the vice president will attend the White House been Mr trump's decision the his situation and his relationship with house speaker Nancy Pelosi this is supposed to be a bipartisan tradition celebrating US Ireland relations lunch hosted each year by the sitting speaker and close again invite the president last month well I think at the margin is down on a St Patrick's day parade but they will get to enjoy the holiday together with allies as well the pride center Staten Island holding against St Pat's dance on Saturday but you don't have to begin to go well beyond the validity of VFW post on Hylan Boulevard in Rosebank medicine line Solana missed out on the twenty twenty who came out as bi and was told she was not welcome at the parade will be there and she will be quite welcome Wednesday this time for a fifty five big market drops across the global of more on that in Bloomberg money watch next.

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