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Of protests includes a march to the mayor's home, Miller said resign. He did a great job taking down Donald Trump for how he's escalated This situation. Meanwhile, down the street from my House family's house on they didn't have cops here for 17 hours, so busy arresting protest and in Los Angeles, the sheriff's department is looking into why deputies shot and killed a black man. They stopped. Your CBS is Steve Futterman. The man was On a bicycle, apparently in violation of some vehicle codes that got the attention of sheriff's deputies, and that's where everything began to escalate. The deputy's pursued the man, he got off his bicycle and began to run. They eventually caught up with him. Lieutenant Brandon de our suspect was holding some items of clothing in his hands, punched one of the officers in the face. He then dropped, the clothing officers noticed the semi automatic gun in the clothing. That's when the shooting occurred. Some local residents say they don't believe the man had to be killed. Steve Futterman, CBS NEWS Los Angeles More than 50, African Americans who owned McDonald's franchises, they're suing the fast food company. They say they face decades of discrimination and weren't treated as fairly as white franchise owners. They're asking for a billion dollars in damages. After saying that he's considering fast tracking approval for covert 19 vaccine without finishing clinical trials. FDA had Dr Stephen Han tell CBS News the push is not political. I can tell you our decision it FDA. Will not be made on any other criteria in the science and data associated with these clinical trials. President Trump has promised a vaccine by the end of the year. Scientists say it's possible but not guaranteed. There's one less worry for families who've been left short of food because the pandemic CBS's Lisa Matteo, the U. S Department of Agriculture, is making sure kids don't go hungry this fall, extending their free summer meal program to the end of the year or as long as they have funding. The agency says they will offer waivers to families. You may not qualify for the program but are struggling financially. During the outbreak on Wall Street. SNP futures are up.

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