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For KOA News Radio that Rockies react with Cory Lopez. Come up right after we wrap up the game broadcast and Cory will be doing that on Sundays throughout the season here and twenty nineteen of take phone calls. Highlights interviews all and more. With Cory Lopez coming up Rockies react after our broadcast and speaking of programming tomorrow night, we'll begin on the flagship and many of you network affiliates with Rockies all access with Jerry Schimmel. And then at five that'll start at five o'clock mountain time at five thirty. We will then get into Rockies ondeck show and first pitch at six ten tomorrow evening as the Rockies will send John gray to the mouth. Mound. He'll face Walker. Bueller? So the Khokhlov Sooners in the Vanderbilt Commodores going at it tomorrow evening. We hope you'll join us for all the action. Our thanks to Doug Niemeier for his usual, fine work at master control and great job on. What is always a challenge opening day with all that's going on here at the ballpark. Great work by our executive producer of the Rockies radio network are Jesse Thomas four Jerry Shamil, Jack Corgan saying, thanks, of course, to all of you for listening the ups and downs of a baseball season in. It's what it is folks. But there's a lot of very fine baseball in the days weeks and months ahead here in twenty nineteen with the Colorado Rockies and.

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