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It's definitely true and they're definitely afraid i would say i in their defences rich said a lot of them feel that they can only be effective as long as they are still in office and so they need to protect themselves politically at the same time as they find ways to do things that their consciences are comfortable with i mean it it's not as if a lot of them are voting for things that they wouldn't vote for a under a president ted cruz or president jeb bush right i mean the tax legislation they're looking at health care these weren't drawn from a unique trumpian philosophy because he didn't have one to the extent that he had one that was it this is this is mitch mcconnell senate that's being run so you know and and flakes critique coworkers critique is largely tunnel it's about style i it's about divisiveness it's about time perspective and and and it's not that flake can't fight now that he's leaving office he's still got a year and a half as a united states senator he's got a platform and i i think from his perspective this liberates him to actually do things because he doesn't have to worry about whether doing so let's use while getting elected did i i think that's the question and i don't think we know i'm it again like i this this critique that oh you know he says that he hates trump but he still votes 95 percent there haven't been a lot of things that they things there for them to vote for that but i would say audio eyewear weird thing is really quickly katrina soriano to get it here but.

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