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Summer getting into a nice Into an ice floe sounds great. Thanks for having me talk to you soon. Nick tammaro n. t. a. m. m. one two one five and tam one two one five. We've got about a half an hour actually get less than half an hour. I'm just looking up and We got twenty something minutes and we'll spend Part of it. With steve anderson who's Gonna join us Here soon as he raises them and then will close out with a couple of opinions from popoff on forum to win and Been been leaning on form to win particularly at saratoga with the With the kind of these claiming groups that had come together from from different avenues. I'll tell you one thing when it comes to those when it comes to the mile and an eighth race speed is just it it. Of course it didn't help yesterday that nobody went Really other than the winner but And it looked like a race where you had. We did have horses that we're going to contend up front but Boy don't don't go. Don't go looking for deep closers The mile and an eighth Saratoga speed speed and more speed Turning to Del mar again. We had a little hammer in our two. We had christina as well christine Blacker and i had to correct. I i i made the mistake of putting up that Thoroughbred industry Employees award link using my my cell and it. It auto corrected. T. to t. i. e. s. two ties So i had to correct it so take a note and change. The i mean you would think that's about as easy a addresses you could find. Ti dot org. Steve anderson joins us from the daily racing form for his first missives from old del. Mar and steve good morning. Hi good morning. Steve quick recap of The first three days before we look ahead to this week well it was very. It was a very interesting week. I mean express. Train was nice to win the san diego handicap last last Saturday in what turns out to be a prep for what should be a competitive running of the civic classics on august. Twenty first meetings top rate school. The worst is so there's some there's some lack of definition and the older male division in california so expect to be part of the picture and i think they'll be some shippers from out of town to that might Took advantage of Good prize money. So that was one of the highlights of the opening weekend. I'd say There was nice to see human beings at the races. I can tell you that. Right away at del mar after a very quiet. Two thousand twenty between the pretty good racing and And you know a bit of atmosphere was It was nice to get back over there. the what are the things will touch on are the The two year olds and Feels like this is going to be an important weekend. Any thoughts about What what we saw from the babies. I did note the todd fisher Taking advantage of the of the ship in and win concept coming in with a a two year old. Who got a nice enough. I think seventy eight buyer for that For that debut witter smashed. Ticket is the name of the philly that taught fincher trains. He brought a small number courses that he had had based at lone star park about earlier this spring and summer and That horse qualified for the the shipping bonus as well so that it actually worked out to being basically a growth one hundred three thousand dollar raise. They picked up about sixty five. Seventy thousand dollars. They're nice with their win. Yeah it really is a big deal. Strictly the home breath for his clients and That was a nice winner. Should probably go for the debutante Which is on september. Five sunday the final weekend of the season so that looks like a affiliate to follow in a undefined division. Of course check it's only july twenty third There's a nice two year old filly maiden again Maiden race over five and a half furlongs on saturday There's several first-time starters by camera trained by richard. Baltimore is well. Regarded baffert has mirasol. Who didn't draw so well on the rail but is a well regarded silly with gas works and mike smith aboard. Also dance to the music Trained by mark ladder of five hundred. Seventy five thousand dollar purchasing ocala back in april is drawn very well out in post six. So that's a big race on. That's a big race and won't tomorrow on saturday and then on sunday there's a two year old maiden open race which is interesting because they had the same race offered last weekend and it did not fill so now finally a two year old race You know of course. This is one that's got most only males in it and it is the second race on the program. It also has drawn a very interesting field. Baffert has three runners including Carbonated was disappointing. Third at Los on june twenty seven and two first-time starters in barrosa By into mischief and the street sense colt colt murray. That was three hundred thousand dollar yearly. barrosa was a seven hundred. Seventy five thousand dollars yearling so Big petting big pedigrees on some first-time starters and that'll be interesting. I'm and see also drink the wind a fast working originally buy by more than ready. Trained by peter miller again. It's called drink. The wind that horses looks promising from post to from a speed point of view. So wait and see how some of these two year olds perform this weekend and start to fill out the probables list for the great one races on september. Five and six not far off really when you think about it but Kind of get these runners going if they're going to do anything well speaking of Some horses that Are going to target things. I saw a couple of directions. For a shockingly impressive geno generally Over the weekend. And you talked to this about going to the pat o'brien with him. And i thought what makes sammy run. I was really looking forward to the ocean side with him. And i imagine glad was disappointed and He's gonna turn him back a little bit At kentucky downs talk about some of the some of the other features and the fallout well flashy up to one the oceanside stakes which is restricted states for three-year-olds basically for non non stakes winners over the course of the year. So the race that you know develops a three-year-old. A little bit is very promising. Horse trained by leonard powell who is considering the the local races here notably the del mar derby on september fourth and Also considering going to saratoga in a few weeks but they're big derby at a mile three sixteenths when that seems a bit ambitious but you never know what brands going to send over somebody else from europe because chances are they're not gonna let that go out without them and i think that's a big assignment for this young flash who only had two sticks of you in the ocean side whereas the del mar derby on september. Four th. there's a mile in eighth and it's gonna be a tough race to re trainer. John sadler alone as three candidates for the del mar derby and rock your world. Who won the santa needed derby Sort zoro who's sticks sanity able and also Crew dragon the next month or that ran a very good second to last just in the ocean side. So that's just part of it and we still there's still a has a nice groupie set Does your the on kentucky derby day and also Hudson who the stakes winner the three year old colt turf division three old males turf division california is is a promise you a group of very nice young runners. I think they're very good A little better than their counterparts life. Rod charlie so walked away and see how that plays.

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