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To you from a great valentine's destination i'm here in santa barbara california uh at the ritz carlton book car resort um and this is a great example is one of those kind of splurge destinations that's what they when we always see for valentine's day people working for those over the top places kinda while they're a significant other but you're trends um over valentine's day we're seeing one food and wine people go big for this over valentine's day places like napa valley california where you have um you know again luxury um places like the loss loss alqabas um resort and spa um also wellness retreats are big right now especially at this time of year people want to get out of the cold and go somewhere where they're going to be outside and take advantage of a lot of the wellness options even places like canada where you're dollars going to go a lot farther ease in high places like that in vancouver you've got the west and be sure they'll even rent there are even let you borrow running shoes there if you're looking to start as some of that and then we also see people third really big descent station and staying close to home to uh woods valid signs day on a wednesday this year though don'ts to the past you don't really have to do much right you would think we see a lot of especially when valentine's day falls midweek as people taking advantage of president's day weekend with this is just a couple of days later and people have the long weekend so a lot of people well you know uh take advantage of that long we can make that part of their valentine's day away joined the stand correctly notes here that there's something called gallon signs day yes a new term a new term to me that here too yeah that's pretty soon here's a girlfriend getaway where valentine's day so people that may um you know what it goes somewhere with a group of friends or their gal powell's um that's kind of a term that popped up this year um and it's you know simply that girlfriend and get away and a lot of people like take advantage of it over the long weekend near valentine's day what's the man version of the term oh that's a.

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