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Hi welcome back to welcome back to the. Larry elder sean. You just gotta play it. Because i can't stop laughing. I stand corrected. I stand corrected. Dennis prager can be ghetto fabulous. Before i go back to larry elder audio clips. I just just heard something that just threw me off a all. My pen and paper calls a chain reaction to get your brain relaxing. The eac brainiac and fast anchor lack spreaker tracks. Run my rhyming skills. Got you climbing hill. I cannot believe that that was a that was okay. So i stand corrected on that So let me Let's get back to some more. Larry elder larry elder. It's oh by the way in the second hour you guys are gonna want to miss it. I'm going to have the author of debunking the sixteen thousand nine project on mary. Gray bar will be with us I'm gonna talk to you about this black homes. Homeschooling group that standing firm against critical race theory. I think that's pretty cool. And then the seven rules of social changes a book that was written by a spiritual mentor. Minor friend brad. Bright served this was back in. I believe oh oh two or three and it's called god is the issue and literally this book is. It's almost as if this book is written to day. And the seven rules social change. I believe is what we need a conservatives libertarians freedom loving people to To advance our agenda all right so let's go to Let's go to audio clip number. Twelve ginny without you. I probably wouldn't have.

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