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So Do Shawn Watson was picked twelve. He lands in Houston a city. Not a team that to that point. Had I think it's fair to say a pretty tortured history When it comes to quarterbacks what happened during his rookie season yeah so for whatever reason he didn't start? The season found a coach. Bill O'Brien who was on the hot seat and he finally turned to Shawn Watson a few weeks into the season season and he was outstanding. He had a game against the Patriots which was kind of his welcome to the NFL moment or at least he welcomed the NFL. To to Shawn Watson Watson gotcha touchdown Texans take the lead. He led them to a fourth quarter lead with less than two minutes left if it was thirty. Three to twenty eight and it took Tom. Brady two minute heroics to get that win. He did that as a rookie against the Patriots and then he went on a run after that where he threw prefer four touchdowns against the titans he threw for five against the chiefs. He threw for three against the browns and then four against the seahawks like he walked into the NFL and just lit it on fire and people were believing and then he toys ACL in practice. which by the way I it's important to note that was a non contact injury? It wasn't because of like. Oh in another mobile quarterback back getting tackled and getting knocked around He wasn't actually hit when he tours ACO. Surprisingly the study puts himself in is not because he's running the ball it's because he's holding onto the ball and he's in the pocket I think he opened himself up to a lot. More hits that way but I would much rather have the Shawn Watson where my ceiling is the super bowl and maybe we have a bad year because he gets hurt but at least we. Every year we walk in. We have a chance at the Super Bowl. I think his rookie season was interesting. Dominique because because you as you mentioned he wasn't the starter right. I believe it was Tom. Savage off the top of my head. then Bill O'Brien when when he brings them in. After savage goes down he completely changes the offense on the fly protected escaping for the block of air. Just going to get there for the touchdown who yards arts all of a sudden. This team feels different right. It feels different. They could we saw that with Shawn Watson and we also saw it with Lamar Jackson when when Joe flacco got hurt and the Ravens went on a nice winning streak and again made the playoffs in save John Harbaugh's job. It was immense season. And I can't think of two quarterbacks who who are more different styles of play then Joe FLACCO and Lamar Jackson Lamar head. What eight really? Good Games in the row and then he he lost in the play offs and all of a sudden everyone was like see. He can't play in this league. Wait till a team gets a chance to gain plan for them. Wait until they get an off season to prepare for him. He's GonNa fail. He didn't play well in that game but he came back this year when everyone had an off season. Prepare for and he's better than he was as a rookie and everyone spent spent their off-season planning for how to stop this and they still can't stop it somehow. They're worst at stopping it. Then they were last year. How did the Ravens approach this offseason? They they went all in. It seemed once. They selected Lamar Jackson the draft and then he showed some promise last year they decided to make everything about their team built around the success. Lamar Jackson most importantly they elevated Greg Roman to offense coordinator and he's important because he had success with this type of offense or with this type of athlete with with Colin Kaepernick. And he's a guy who could develop a scheme around him. That benefited. You mentioned Greg. Roman for a Long Time with Colin on Capitol in San Francisco there was a argument. I think perpetuated by people who didn't think he should be in the league that well you you know he was a one hit wonder his style. Playing football doesn't work it doesn't fit into NFL systems. Do you think what we've seen this season from Roman and Lamar Jackson accent undercut set in some ways. I mean I think that. Not just that undercuts it. I think if you just look around the league it has been undercut so while. Lamar Jackson is Extreme example of this if you look through the draft reasonably like Murray Baker Mayfield quarterback running is something that is a part of the league now so in a way that it's not gonNa go away. When was the moment to season? When Lamar Jackson? Finally silence the doubters. I think it's easy to go back to a few weeks ago when they eat the Patriots shirts who had the best defense in the league. Statistically one of the greatest defenses of all time and we think of Bill Belichick as a guy who is so great at scheming defenses fences to stop an offenses best weapon and we obviously know Lamar Jackson. ADD teams. Offense is the best weapon. Lamar running the ball bill. Belichick couldn't stop it. Lamar are Jackson. Takes a snap rolls to the right now. He retreats to the Left. He's bottled up escape. Fifteen ten Jackson along the far sideline steps out of bounds at the five. Mr Impossible is skates vice grip and turns a short loss of five or six into a gain of twelve. The Martin put up crazy numbers but it seemed as if when they needed a play. Lamar was able to get it and I think that was the moment where not all the doubts. Were silenced. Because it seems like they're moving goal posts for some people because they want him to fail but it was hard to construct an argument any argument outside of well. He's not going to stay healthy or let's see him do it when they're coming from behind like there's there is no argument to say that he is not affected when the best coach and the best defense can't stop him. What do you expect to see out of the two quarterbacks in this match tap I expect big plays? I expect for them to succeed. I mean as exciting as both of them are neither of them. Have a great defense to says. Support Them So. I don't think it's going to be a low scoring game. It's going to be a high scoring game where it comes down to. Which one of those quarterbacks can be more effective particularly late in the game well looking at? ESPN'S NFL MVP stock. Watch the top three candidates right. Now are Russell Wilson. Lamar Jackson into Shawn Watson. I think the public largely agrees with that. Do you think that this season and what these players have accomplished has changed attitudes towards mobile quarterbacks and perhaps erase the stigma to some degree. I think the stigma should've been erased a long time ago. So like honestly I have no confidence that had given the opportunity to draft a mediocre pocket passer and potentially dynamic duo threat athletic quarterback. I have no hopes that teams don't make the decision to go and the more athletic direction I think this does give them license to TM. Jim To go to his owner. And say we're going to do something different. Well you know how the Ravens had success. Doing something different. We're not going to draft this guy. We're not going to run the offense that everyone else is running. We have such diversity of style in part because of the athletes that we have in this game. You can go from watching Lamar Jackson to Shawn Watson or very different then going to watch Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers of Patrick Mahomes. It's just like a different game. Ame No matter who you look at it and I personally well. I look forward to watching these two quarterbacks play and then both finishing second and third to Russell Wilson. MVP voting outing. I'm telling you Ross is gonNA fall off tough second-half schedule that trophy it's true I'm sorry. Sorry I love him. Russell's great but Mars drove me. Watch bet on it. I'll be back in a moment with one more story at ESPN daily. We tell the stories of the world's greatest teams coaches bill championship teams with players uniquely qualified for their roles. That's why you need indeed for Your Business. Indeed provides tools like skills tests to help candidates. Show the perfect hire for you post a job at indeed dot com slash. ESPN daily and try skills tests for free that's indeed dot com slash. ESPN daily terms conditions and exclusions apply. Here's another story. I want you to know last week. A black cat growth the internet when he or she ran onto the field during Monday night. Football disrupting giants cowboys. Game for what felt like an eternity. Hardy was an incredible sports moment but the Monday night. Football cat who by the way still at large was hardly the first animal to bring an important game to a poss- US. There was a squirrel ran onto the field during an NFL. Game at Wembley Stadium the Jack. Rabbit scored a touchdown during Oregon Stanford Game and about twenty years years ago. A chocolate lab named Tubby who streaked onto the field during a Georgia hockey game. A story that's notable not just because it produced one of the more memorable game calls in football history but because tabby belong to one of my colleagues ESPN senior writer Mark Schlabach. According to a piece that marked published this week tubby was named named after Tubby Smith then Georgia's basketball coach and he was L. accounts a bad dog. Well let me correct that there are no bad dogs. All dogs are good dogs but tubby. It was a mischievous dog and he had a penchant for escaping so on the day of the game mark was in the press box at Sanford stadium covering it for the Atlanta Journal Constitution. When Georgia Georgia Safety Kirby Smart? Yes that Kirby smart made an interception and then this happened. Somebody's chocolate lab is out there to look at that that somebody's buddies dog is out there. Lauren get it off the field that you're GONNA have to get the dog off the field. Now he's gone to the Georgia Huddle. I wonder released it. That was Larry. Munson Georgia's legendary play by play announcer. Who passed away a few years ago? Now I have two favorite details from this moment. Point one is the visual Georgia's mascot a bulldog looking extremely forlorn as watch. Tubby run free to is this quote quote from Kentucky Offensive Coordinator Mike Leach s that Mike Leach. The dog didn't have great straight line speed. He could make you miss and he made a lot of people missed that day. In any case unlike Monday night football cat tubby was eventually corralled with the help of a hot dog. He's no longer with us but his memory lives on and it may have inspired some copycat crimes I mean economies and this has been. ESPN our show is produced by. Michael Ball Sierra Troy Farkas Alexandre hyacinthe. Michael John's Steve. Martin Brian Intel Andy. Tennant Eve tro. Happy Birthday Eve. Christopher to Manila and Erinvale. I'll talk to Monday sir..

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