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To the Jesus pressure yeah to help you hello hi there on thank you yes yes okay this is where you ask me a question it took a Trinity uhhuh yes the triad is not the end of the day it's not the triad Trinity's fine well it's Christianity yes yes and yeah the triad the Trinity is based on three individuals the holy well god it does he have any the the holy ghost father the father yes the father has many names but look to find what its name and the sun has name hello here Holy Spirit has no name no the Holy Spirit has no no the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit actually has many names and this is something that Cup well I will tell you as a matter of fact Sabrina you have a multitude of names that deal with the Holy Spirit one would be the comforter one is simply the spirit one is good spirit in Galatians five Corinthians twelve the eternal spirit spirit John fourteen in Hebrews nine also the same he's also referred to as the lord in second Corinthians three and also referred to as the helper many different things when it comes to the V. eight we're gonna get into the Trinity here not that that was my my focus but the that when it comes to the names of god there are they are more like descriptors although some might say that your way is the name of god but there are many descriptors and so they describe I would be different because the nature of taking on my human ness under the circumstances and it looks like this might tie into that very thing Ben welcome to the Jesus Christ show thank you I want to know what are the name Judas cope well okay so in scripture obviously a yes sure would be my name in Hebrew so at my fellow Jews would route would have referred to me as yes you will have must Shia and this is referring to me as the messiah so you're sure is there it's where you get the modern name Josh what so yeah but you go you go from your trusted users okay so what ends up happening is there are other Josh was in scripture so to clarify they use a Greek version which brings brings it to Jesus so that it stands out in scripture and people can understand who's who way who you're talking to so any other Josh was are translated as Josh what and mine has been modified through the different languages to come with E. sis Jesus which is where you get that because there is no there is no J. at Heathrow there is no so like even the term Jehovah is some is a misrepresentation of the Hebrew because there is no Jack so it doesn't come off that way in the actual actual text so that ties into that so I have a a name where as when it comes to god god the father that could be a way but also at looking at the night and though he knew all of these are options for the father the term lord is used for all three of got had keeping in mind it's three who's one what I know it gets confusing but that's how it ties in to these things and people sometimes get caught up in that and think that well eat eight you you want a specific name but god is not god is not you and part of the issues that people have with religion is they tend to make you know that that the old man with the white flowing beard and all that they tend to make god eight a just a bigger more powerful them you know if your man and you make god a man if you're a woman you make got a woman and that's not the case in unless you're talking about me specifically as Jesus yes I was a man when I was on earth but as deity I am I'm sexless I am not tied into that in any way shape or form or bound by those things because it's not important so a name is something that you use to recognize somebody across the room at the grocery store to call them to engage with them but with god it's really about the attributes of god that you're referring to the one who created the one who gives life the one who this the one who that that's what it comes down to in scripture it's not like a proper name where that's necessary live from the KFI twenty four hour news room not body will be re opening tomorrow for recreational activities following the death of a man who was trying to help find a missing hiker Tim staples was killed a week and a half ago in the fall he'll be remembered at a ceremony Saturday Russian president Vladimir Putin says Russia leads the world in hyper sonic weapons putting stress that for the first time in history Russia has an edge and designing a new class of weapons American Airlines has become the second U. S..

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