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Give them a abs has a one nine hundred investment analyst from over one hundred different conference in over nine hundred of the sharpest mowing the freshest thinkers in the world of finance today no one has mall no one knows small due to find out how we can help you contact us just a car uh just coming up to nineteen minutes plus the top of the la you're listening to the globalist on monocle 24 with me to tina godwin we thought we'd conclude this week series by providing you with some fun facts about the world's weird and wonderful sports stadiums the sports writer and brokaw's the tom williams has been telling monaco's reese james about some of his favorites somewhat surprisingly the world's largest stadium is in north korea and it's the run grando mayday stadium which has the capacity of one hundred and fourteen thousand which makes it not just the biggest football stadium in the know universe for the biggest sports stadium of any kind although having said that although he stages some of the north korea national teams home games it's predominantly used four elaborate pro regime festivals as also with was i was the only football stadium in the world with a capacity exceeds one hundred thousand nextbiggest his company woo home of course of barcelona and that comes in at just over ninety nine thousand two pre enormous stadium then and of all the will stadiums which one do you think he's the strangest would you think that there are feed i've got some kind of quickie ought features several candidates here i'm going to flag up the estado when the see powell de braga in portugal which is called of a quarry and if you've ever seen a manshat involving braga on tv one of the goals backs onto this shia cliff face an stadium is nicknamed up at dreux which means the quarry in portuguese and you travel from the two stands other side of the page via a set of walkways underneath which is why interesting there's also the study on volvach in belgrade eat the home of fk volvach which sits on top of shopping center that was any bill and about the lasts loss five years associates 24 meters above ground level shopping center underneath football on top.

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