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Greetings everyone. This is Asian America Again Tong podcast and I'm your host Ken phone. Welcome back to the pod, and this is episode number two, hundred and fifty, four our guest. This first week in August is Kathleen Birkenshaw Kathleen. Happens to be inhabited listener to our podcast, and so already she scored big points. But when she reached out a couple of weeks ago, she said would you know her particular life story. May Have. Extra special significance for the first week in August turns out that. This first week is. The I hate calling Culligan Anniversary marked seventy five years since America dropped the first of two atomic bombs in Japan, I on here or Shema, and then on Nagasaki. and. Kathleen is actually the daughter of someone who was twelve years old in here Shema when that first atomic bomb dropped and she is what is known as he box Ya. Which means that she is a survivor of that terrible Holocaust. That was caused by the dropping of this atomic bomb. So Very. Fascinated and she had. Published several years ago a fictionalized history based on her mom's story that is used at various schools of starting from middle school all the way up to college, and so I definitely was very, very keen on getting her onto the pod and so that. At this particular time in history that we can remember. What was what was? Done. during this. War The end of world, War Two and I think it's important as we hit this marker to to reflect a little bit deeply about just how terrible war is and certainly weapons of war and to able to see this through the lens of not only Kathleen. Mom. But the impact it's had on captain's life including her physical health today I. Think. All very, very important reasons for her to be our guest this week. So after my introduction, I knew you really really going to be fascinated with her story. We hear in ceremony A had years and years of drought and So you know there's there's always been extra special attention paid to how often we water and certainly our water bills. Well, on the last couple of years We actually had a lot of rain and a lot of snow pack in in the mountains north of us, and so kind of drought restriction came off and yet you know it still weren't selling California it's a desert You know we have to be mindful of this now we have. A fairly sizable property I mean it's not fancy, but it sizable it's it's almost one hundred feet wide by one hundred, fifty feet deep, and especially since I retired, I'm the one that's kind of patrolling. All of this square footage. To eradicate. Fill bare spots and to. Plant new things and take out dead things and so on and so forth. Well, several years ago my wife had asked me to install a raised garden at the very back part of our property and This is not visible. From the House you because we we have this refurbished used to be a woodshed, and now it's kind of a studio about five hundred square foot studio so. Things that have been planted back there. Easily are ignored and die because. They. They just don't get enough water. Well so you know last year. Miniature go at planting some vegetables and. Nothing really exciting to share and so this year as spring run I just decided to ignore it. You know I'm not GonNa do anything again enough to do and apparently some of the seeds. That it's build out of some of the Japanese pumpkins these culture. They planted themselves in the soil and so as they started to sprout and grow I felt obligated to I actually have to water them now. and. So several plants in particular are doing really well, I mean some of the vines. Probably about ten twelve feet long now and. We're starting to see some of those Japanese Pumpkins. Here's. The problem. I'm a multitasker when I'm out doing yard work. There for several hours, picking up dog poop Hunt and watering the potted plants and pruning and all myriad kind of things and so I'll turn on the water back there and I just have to make a mental note to make sure to go back and turn it off. And a couple of weeks ago. I turned on the water in a win about doing other things and as I was puttering around the various parts of the yard, I would think of some other projects now I start to. Get very focused on that. And I completely forgot that my water still on. And so several hours later as I was going outside I mean son had already said, it was dark I was going outside with the dogs I think for for them to relieve themselves before they come in for the. So this is like ten, ten, thirty I heard this. Kind of hissing sound. Like What that noises and could be our neighbor's pool whatever enough say, Oh, crap of the water still. So I went back there and they turned it off. And you know almost kind of reverted back to small kids. Don't tell mom. Don't tell that. You know just feeling really stupid but it completely. Just dropped out of my consciousness. But. This is not something that a you're literally this is not something you're literally going to have you're going to have to pay for. I when the water bill comes, you're going to see like what's going on and my wife pays those utility bills. So I decided to let her know the next morning because she had already gone to bed and I said, oh brace yourself for the next water bill because I left the. Hose, running back in our raised guard in there and it was on for several hours and so as just. Now to the major credit of this saint I'm married to. She doesn't hardly ever like we just celebrated thirty nine years of marriage. He she ever. Blows her stack aunt. She she's She counts the pennies and as she pinches them, you know and we're retired so but anyway. I apologized and she didn't blame me and As expected. The water bill This past month was several. Well, let's just say. It was big. Okay and as she paid it you know she she's at Oh you know the water bills and she didn't say and that's because you left the water running she just said just just so you know right so it's like okay. I wish I could take back but I can't. Right. So earlier, this week. I noticed that. The chaplains back there needed some water. So I turned on, turned on the hose and one about all my chores. and. Once. Again, completely got distracted. Forgot to turn it off and. This time I found. I. Heard that sound the next morning as as I was. Out Watering. Grass seedlings. and. I'm like, Oh my God who was on all night. And you know again I I, my wife, we haven't got the bill for that yet So finally. I said I I've got to do something that's not GonNa require me to remember to turn off the water after I turned it on because it's just too big of a property and I've I've got bazillion things going on and yeah I'm sixty five and a half so. You know the gray matter is slowly deteriorating. So I searched on Amazon and I found this probably less than twenty dollars little faucet. Timer. Requires. No battery no electricity, and you basically said it like a a timer that you do on your stove just by turning the dial and I said it for like twelve minutes..

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