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Yesterday. Very interesting that the two newspapers had ref this. That was the back of the daily news. And screw that was the back of the post and one was in reference to. The patriot game and the other was in reference to. The saints game. So you thought they were in collusion. I looked at the papers. And it said ref this screw that. I was like, wow, they're not even related. They're two separate entities. And that's how they both reacted to the weekend. And I mentioned on Twitter a little while ago that I was not going to preach tonight. And I'm not I'm first of all I'm tired of it. It's the same stuff. I've been talking about all along regarding the fact that they can't get it better than the video and second asthma questions. I'll answer them because you don't need another guy telling him, this is not the knock anybody else who's been doing it. It's their job. But you don't need another guy to come on here and giving us opinion on what they should do about officiating. If you want to make your point good. That's what we're here for. And your point may indeed well taken, but you don't need mine right off the top. But sometimes I get passionate about things and talking about things. And I think it's a good way to start the program. That's why we generally do a monologue to start the program. It's a good way to fuel your thoughts. You don't need any fuel tonight. You watch the games yesterday you've dealt with whatever you've dealt with today other than the cold. So you're ready to go. So if you're ready to go, we're ready to go. We do have Paul Rosenberg. Tommy, Luke, our on the other side. It is the league hour of the radio program as it should be generally the best. Our Tommy takes credit for that. We don't know why. I guess there's no downside to it. Eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six. But apparently, you already know that since the calls are lined up. So we're going right to him in an unusual development tonight. We're going to go right to them. Bannon Passaic is up first on the fan. Hi, ben. Hey, Craig, how are you? Have our I am totally well forward on that. Thanks. I don't even know what to say. I don't know. My my question is why in the world and the NFL having arrest, but they're not know the rule of football wrestling NFC championship game. I would say that they're concerned about it is not nearly as great as yours. We're talking to the guys before the show just about how all publicity is good, publicity, especially in two thousand nineteen. Just remember this the opposite to me. And this is not a great analogy. But it's accurate enough. I'm a little frozen. The opposite of controversy is apathy. They don't want apathy. For years. The NC double A did not have a college football tournament. So the country outside of the northeast which doesn't care about college. Football would debate about who the national champion was and who should be playing in what bowl games and all that. And finally acquiesced and had a now they have a fourteen playoff, which still creates plenty of controversy, etc. But my point is for all those years. They didn't have a playoff and people were very upset. How could you not have a playoff the basketball has it? And my point in this whole story is that it's all good. You're talking about the NFL today. Now, maybe you're not talking about a positively. Maybe you didn't during the all the Goodell controversy over spy gate deflate gate Brady suspension. Ray rice Adrian Peterson. Colin Kaepernick, the whole sideline deal with the anthem. The people taking a knee all of that is good for the league you have to adjust your thinking. Do they want the calls to be wrong? No. But are they shedding a tear over it? No. And that's that's really something. You got to you got to build in to your equation. This is a monopoly. You're not going anywhere. You don't wish that you didn't watch the games yesterday? You will watch the Super Bowl. They're not losing fans over anything. They do. It's a monopoly you need to absorb that. And not fight it. You're embarrassed for them. They're not embarrassed for themselves. Kyle and levittown is next on the fan icon. Hey, hey, Chris. How're you doing? What's up? Right at the top. I want to ask you did you enjoy the game? I'm frustrated like most people are I enjoyed the talent. I mean, I did. And I I'm amazed by Kansas City, scoring thirty one points in the second half and still losing after you know, after I mean, so there were there were parts of it that I enjoyed. But I. You know, I think that it's fundamentally flawed because I know as I've said so many times, which is why I really didn't open with a monologue. That video is always going to make it look like, the officials are horrible. Sometimes they really are like yesterday's call was horrible. No matter video, no video. It was horrible. The call. But a lot of the time the calls are horrible because we see them in a much better way than they see them and the league, just pretends. That's not the case the league knows. And everybody knows right. The league knows. And everybody knows that we have a better view than their officials do, but do they do anything about it? No. So that takes away a little bit for me from the games because I know something like this could happen. It's so right on a on a quick instincts. All Juliet, I don't play where he where it his fingertips that it hit the strap on his hatching glove. Like, nobody will ever really know. You know, you know, you gotta make an objective decision. And to be honest. Like, I watched the second game the New England game, you know, the whole game. The first game I was working. But I I like. I think to me, you know, as a city what's that game themselves. Really? I mean, they even beyond that know, they they could have had opportunities to put some points on the board. And I think the, you know the. It just showed that they aren't as good of a team as they look look like on April Allen Alvin Samarasinghe rolling. You can blame you could blame the game on a bad call. But it's not always the case. Yeah. I look I thought the teams were evenly matched. And I don't I don't buy that one of my least favorite sports arguments ever. And this has always been the case with me. Is people that say, well, you know, that wasn't awful call. But if they had done a better job earlier, they wouldn't have needed that. Call. That's not how it works. Okay. That's not how it works. If you're going to take the argument that they could have won. Anyway, if they played better, then don't have officials at all. What you're saying is no call ever matters because it shouldn't come down to that. Anyway, if they had made that play in the second quarter or they hadn't dropped that play or they hadn't done this that or the other thing through fifty eight minutes, then that call on the fifty nine th minute wouldn't have mattered. We'll find that don't make any calls. You can't have it both ways. And that's how that argument always works. That argument always works. They could have won the game. Anyway, it shouldn't have come down to that bad plenty of other chances. So so what's your point? Then that could have seventeen bad calls against them because there were plenty of other chances where does that run out all you're doing when you say that is telling the officials? They don't matter. Because really the better team would have won anyway. Yeah, they got screwed on that call. But it doesn't matter because they should have been way ahead by then. That is my least favorite one of my favorite sports arguments. Ever. Let's absolve the officials because the team had other chances and other parts of the game hate that argument. Always have always will more of your calls coming up on the fan. Oh, hi there. Al dukes here from the boomer and geo show it is freezing cold outside today and probably will be again tomorrow..

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