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Go and follow the pipeline and find me where the leaks are or if you sad like hey like send out a couple of drones and said there's a forest fire somewhere here because the smoke in the air go and find that map ahead and then just autonomously put out the fire because we have a couple these drones editors waterbombers filling up from lakes honestly i'm this is this is definitely like in the realm of science fiction but also like 5 10 years away three like if we can build the artificial intelligence if we can build the situational awareness for these sorts of this new generation of autonomous drones i'm very happy to be behind them i like the future that you paint thank you so much so everybody you can check out iris automation's website iris onboard dot com that's i r i s o n b o r d dot com and follow them on twitter i risk under score and automation iris underscore automation and you can fall alex mr alex harm season on twitter alex harm that's a l e x h a r m and of course will your added you can go ahead and follow the podcast on twitter drones podcast and check out the brand spanking new website at commercial drones dot fm in your web browser a much better experience i spent a lot of time revamping this thing so going to focus on putting a lot more content on there and that's really all we have today of the of course you can check out the patriotic page if you want to support the podcast that patriotic.

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