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I'll talk with people across the great human tapestry. What's life like for you today? How are you feeling what's going on in your house? We're all challenged by the relentless news and by the shattering our routines in the way we live now in just fifteen minutes each day. We'll be reminded that we're not alone that we're more alike than we are different. And that our voices when shared pierce our `isolation and bring US comfort. Listen to the way we live now on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Synchronizing had many really bad days where I've woken up in the morning. Turn on the radio and they've turned it completely around. Chunk has been chopped off crate way to start the day so much now so much knowing this whole conversation to Michael Oppenheim gives me for eating animal crackers cut a guy he to mighty shirish guy. China show was. This show have never felt more perfect more well rounded Gandhi. Your may think it's great. It's great the best call. We've durant in the morning show. It is an honor. It's a privilege to be here for you today. And thank God. You're here for us at fifty five hundred. That's the text number fifty one hundred call us at one. Eight hundred four two zero one hundred. Roll over the socials..

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