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The top spot, followed by Boston and New York, six parable. That's number one day long say water we don't really pronounce her teams. That's just a Philly thing. And you. Your sexy sexy. That's right. No one's ever called the sexy before. But I love it. You can call me sexy any day two week. Somebody said you got a point there. Devitt KYW, NewsRadio abortion in the news this morning. We have two reports where we start in Missouri, where the governor Republican Mike Parsons says, he'll sign a new abortion restriction Bill in the near future. No exact date given yet the Bill passed the state Republican led house in first Russell Kuensel reports from the capitol in Jefferson City protesters filled the halls outside the governor's office, that's inside the capitol building at times. They were so loud. It was hard to hear the debate going on inside the house chambers. The vote with one ten to forty four for passage of a sweeping abortion Bill that criminalizes abortions after eight weeks and only allows an exception for medical emergencies, but not rape. Or incest Bowen, Republican House member chevet Dokan changed his vote because of the lack of exceptions. And there are also questions about who decides what a medical emergency is under terms of the Bill doctors who perform abortions could face five to fifteen years behind bars with. Women who get abortions would not be prosecuted continue our coverage now with reaction to other states. Also took strong stands this week on abortion responding to the nation's most restrictive law on abortion activists have taken aim at media companies that use Georgia as a production hub, along with Alabama based on a such as Hyundai and Mercedes Benz day. After Maryland, and Colorado officials told staff not to travel to Alabama to protest. It's abortion law passed this week. People took to Twitter to say they were cancelling convention visits and beach vacations to the state. They'll Rakoff CBS news. Investigators say a team doctor at Ohio State University sexually abused. Dozens of male students for years. The details from correspondent, but Michigan a report by a law firm hired by state university, says a former team doctor sexually abused. At least one hundred seventy seven men from nineteen seventy nine to nineteen. Ninety seven and the university..

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