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To a and Tampa Bay Jack Harris's Adelie back on Monday Jeff Aaron Natalie and Felix Vega joining us along for the ride a lot of great events happening for July fourth for independence day tomorrow I've got a lot of that for you that we're gonna give all the information you need but I'm realizing guys a lot of early morning parties party start at like ten AM eleven AM that that's my kinda party that's dangerous though by the time night rolls around you are done what's this find some fireworks and find some five stay away from the flyers been drinking since ten AM not actual real fireworks watching a spot to watch them or you take it too far and have your little nap and then you got to rejoin the second you know when they can yeah that's a good I'm all about the second one yeah and maybe I'll get myself an apple pie for dessert I can promise you if I do get an apple pie I will buy the entire pie a woman at a Walmart store in Texas eight half the cake from the stores bakery and then refused to pay the full price she was banned from the store here's what happened she an employee told police the woman eight half the cake then said she was only going to pay for the remaining half of the cake that she had not eaten but she claimed that she had found it that way she had found the cake half eaten now all sometimes if I ever go to a grocery more and I'm thirsty the hydrated also knives grab the Gatorade while I'm shopping drink the Gatorade and either will be half empty or will be finished and I always pay for that K. right whatever dollar fifty but you know that you're gonna pay nobody's ever bothered me about it because I know I'm gonna pay by the Gatorade I've never seen this before I don't think I could do anything but laugh if I witness this I have to laugh it is hilarious it's ridiculous I mean I'm wondering if she was drinking are on something she's my here I know you guys are talking about do you like do you like the ploy yes I love that she went in and decided just try to make a deal like she was in there she's an adult yeah there's a known it not over all this is also the same city where somebody was drinking wine out of a Pringles can I just want everybody to understand that person which inside Texas I know how to say it falls definitely this is to get there right now as soon as possible I love it no she's not that is not something like she didn't make this up is that owning this she clearly ate the cake but try to say pass it off as like a child no no half of it was already I say she was owning the lie she definitely was yeah should creativity to trying to get out of it that's all I'm saying Walmart is really nice they didn't reveal the name because they didn't want to press charges but she has been banned for not paying for the cake she got away with it though she got the free K. I wish I said what cake it was you know okay topless change that would be suspect as you have it all over your face like this you just walking through the aisles like with a fork is she got a Hey issues in her hand how she cutting the case we need details Walmart helpless at Walmart give us a call as the film try.

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