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Team is ridiculous. I play last year. Greek hold on you compare into mask. Davidge played ten years. How many times does he made the playoffs? I think two or three okay. That's made it twice in four. Wait hold on. Hold on to think too okay. Biggest to twice in four years and beat the Great Russell Wilson in the playoffs before Dad. Got There with Tony. Romo in their previous six years. Dallas made the playoffs once. So you're blaming the years you're putting a fool blame on Dak Prescott. The Dallas with the third best point differential in the NFC miss the playoffs. Yes because you can't look at the point differential why he pulled them numbers against the bad teams. These started the season Torino Washington the dolphins and what about the preview diet? Here's rob no I'll tell you what Woah now even doing races i. We don't even have to raise the EFI. Didn't put up those numbers. You would have been making a stink about the fact that he put up those numbers. You know what I'm saying but it matters who you beat Greg. You know that if you're trying to win you trying to win a lot. He wrote a super bowl. I'm going to say this. This is no slight against Tom. Brady is just where he is in his career. So before all the new England fans go crazy. Say nobody no one on chancery and Tom Bush naive town.

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