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Andrea rene. Oh, let's get Greg the division to Andrew. Oh my gosh. Bear you play an injury. You played. We're all playing together last night. What a time to be alive and so excited for how tired Are are you? you tired? I played for ten hours. You texted me like nine in the morning, just our lives fucking stupid job. So did you play all day? I did I did take a couple breaks finish editing. Video for for what's good, and I had to do some Photoshop graphics work shirt. Yes. Some your work. Yeah. Got can't wait to get back to it is that's annoying kind of game. It's all I can think about. I'm gonna do. All this dumb stuff race the endgame. But even now, you can see the stronghold on the map that are going to open up you hit and games. It looks like they've prebuilt in a pretty big tale of content, which is obviously a lot of lessons learned from the first of the division. So really exciting. I can't wait to get deeper into it. It's interesting though, as I feel is I feel committed this one for quite a while. And so I haven't felt the division one. It was very much like I was I wanna get to level Cappone level cab on a little Cup. And like I felt like it was a drag at times to go back and play like, you know, earlier missions that you've already done, but like last night already done a whole bunch of the jumping back in with, you know, Fran Barrett and Kevin to run through those with them and go like I'm going to be here forever. I don't mind doing it. Andrew. Yes. Greg is going to be a games. This service is the apex? Legends battle pass dropping today will answer these because this is kind of funny games daily each and every week Dan of Roddy platforms. We run you through the nerdy. Video game news, you need to know how excited they haven't figured out. I came to me this morning on how to get the bullet points in natural things. And get a shock collar..

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