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Tackle Joe What do you think for Tennessee 22? Well, I think it's a A bit of a reach, Maybe here just by a little bit, But the Titans are built to win right now, and they have lost Corey Davis to free agency. They lost Adam Humphreys. They lost Johnny Smith. They have the most vacated targets in the NFL going into this season, and it might be a little early for him. But I'm gonna go with Elijah Moore at 22 for the tight Don't think it's too early. I think they love it, buddy. Yeah, I'm with you and I do, too. I don't think it's too early either, And I might. I might like Rondo more more than as a player than Elijah Moore. But Elijah Moore does not have the injury concerns he does not have. The You have to go back to 2018 to watch his film concerns and Joe Marino from the draft network here a couple weeks ago, thought he had more position flexibility and the Titans need a guy to play on the outside and in the inside, So I think Elijah Moore is the best fit for them. I like it. I'll say and I know I've referenced it a couple times. I did a mock today. By the way, Nate has one up at the website will be gr 5 50 dot com. I did one on a podcast. I had allies. You more go to the Titans. So there you go, Joe. Like I had that as well, I I like this fit. Puzzling off season, I guess is how I would would would would point to Tennessee I mean them going full bore and paying, But Dupri top of market coming up in a C L injury was bananas to me them deciding that, you know, they're just not gonna attend or not could even bring back Corey Davis. They're also gonna let go of Adam Humphreys. They Johnny Smith's gone just a puzzling off season for that team to put all of their bananas into the Into the basket to to go after a nudge A ER when that team is maybe the one position they're set at is that she was just a real mind blowing off season for Tennessee. But it's a good pick. I think. All right, Elijah, more Ole Miss to the Tennessee Titans. The Jets are next to 23 with the second of their two money round picks. We're smoking. Joe Douglas is playing with house money. Every single one of their needs. They can. You could seemingly take here on the board. You can absolutely see him going. Gavin Collins here you can see them. Go in quick pie here. You can see them going. Travis Ctn here at running back. They have a ton of up. You could see him go. Greg Newsome, the second corner from Northwestern. They have tons of needs on that team, particularly on the defensive side of the ball. This is a really hard pick for me, but I think I'm going to go. Greg Newsome the corner out of northwestern, I think they really need that second cornerback position kind of filled up. Frankly, they probably still need a number one corner s O. I think Greg Newsome gives him that. I think that he ultimately ends up Probably being one of the I like Newsome a lot. I know people have him above JC Horn. I know he's Been talked about in the top two or three in this class, so I think it's a great pick. I think overall great first round for the New York Jets coming away with, I think a starting corner. I'd like to build to take him if he felt a 30. I gotta tell you guys every time I do these mock exercises he goes right around this spot. It's like right right between like here and just before the Bills pick, so I don't think they'll do it but be able to get him But I like the player. Is there any kind of a case to be made that they should do something skill player wise to help out their rookie quarterback that they just drafted? Number. Yeah, I think that's why Vicky Tien comes into play 100%, But you look at you Look at what's available right now. Who is really that player out of the guys? But we could go, Tony. Um, I mean, I could be sold on Canarias Tony at at 23. It feels like a little bit of a stretch. Um, otherwise, listen, we knew this is a skilled draft. A lot of those skilled position. Guys are getting pushed up into the top 18 picks. I think this is a home run. I also think I'm Elijah Vera Tucker would be a home run here for the New York Jets. The Jets had a lot of options based on the way that this board played out. I agree. All right. That brings it around to me for the Steelers at number 24 were trying to kind of plow through these pics that we have at the bottom of the hour in a reasonably long segment, enough time to devote to the Bills pick at 30. So the Steelers Oh, cornerback, offensive tackle. Running back a lot of cell. I know you reference these mock draft. You been doing nausea? Harris has to be a big a big favorite going to Pittsburgh, but he's already off the board and lower exercise. So, um Hmm. I think for the Steelers, I'm tempted to go running back. I could go. Devante Williams. Ah, here. Of course. Ctn is still on the board. Uh, but you're gonna have a hard time. Seeing me pick ET en here. Just right. Of course you want to leave was glad Bulldog got Pittsburgh so that you can make it to the bills. We have the debate. Um I think I'll go into your offensive line here. Ah, Elijah. Vera Tucker, I think is the pick for the Steelers. Um, you know, you guys have talked about him some writing east. He's a nice player. Um and, um Steelers, they They're gonna want to run the ball. Um so I think it terror offensive line is a solid choice for them, So I'll go there for them. I like this pickle on in there. You could make the argument is the highest rated player left on the board. And you guys, Collins is there. Looking at the draft network bar moors there, but you could make that argument. Still, there's there's He's a good players. They need offensive linemen. They desperately need offensive lineman and if they were gonna have any chance this season, considering they don't have much of a backup option, they need Roethlisberger to last the entire season, and they need him to be as healthy as possible. That offensive line right now is not constructed to keep him healthy over here. That Okay. Elijah. Vera Tucker at 24 to the Steelers were back to the top of the batting order. And then his.

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