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Two of us in the two of us in the former harvard professor adjunct of course for me do you know who i am a hunting license over here go ahead paul you're next with howie carr and corey lewandowski you're with to harvard professors and bestselling new york times authors go ahead quarter will go off on a bus right i tried to reach and i was originally brought up in chicago in the early fifties and up until about mid sixties which is when the lovely original richard bailey mayor was there and i don't know if people unused coast actually ever know about this or know about it now but i can tell you this at any time during his i notice what's going on but at any time during his his mayorship so to speak you you couldn't buy an ice cream cone unless you paint somebody off and that's world mr obama got his training and he knows all that stuff and if you did anything you didn't want to do and somebody caught you at it you were in and made it like it you know they would make some phone calls river the the your your your tabloid newspaper in chicago the sun times one time they decided to do an investigative project you hear about that you remember this cory now they they they just said we're gonna set where are you going to send these guys in reporters and they pretend that they wanted to buy a bar and set up a bar remember this your river this caller and they they so they just started they just recorded being shaken down by everyone at city hall pop to bottoms everywhere they everywhere they went every step they made setting up the bar somebody was shaking them down from from the city i'm shocked by this shots my faith in humanity is now ruined graft in chicago they put it but at least they put it all together you know what i mean it was a did they get the bar how we that's the important question did they get the liquor licence because at the very valuable tool in chicago i think it was near kaminsky field as as barack obama used to describe it thanks for the call paul allen you're next with how car and core lewandowski's go ahead alan hi howie well according to me.

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