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It down and this is the saddest thing i've ever heard all night an 18 fact taco kit for yourself thirteen correct you've a habit avic ground beef at a vix shredded cheese and that was it unilever violated a tomato or an onion how china or a lettuce but laugh three i ran out of beef tuedsay the least with abc's tom i told you who is a very by that where i really got beat me yes with their walking eighteen of them i thought i was going to have like three tacos and in which case like i i didn't care what was on them i just wanted jesus christ to home the mate but i had to eat eighteen of these things with kind enough nothing arm we reach the point where i don't know what to say any more i tried to play along a try to put on a happy face fouryear term but i write your too far gone at this point by gay said that's why that's why was such a fool's errand to by eighteen because i didn't have it in in my heart to like really go all out making these tacos time it takes such little effort i know but i expected to take even less effort but i'll tell you this much still not bad still pretty good tacos well done tim you know we ally creative types of listen to the show art artist ortiz mm makers content creators yeah and what something you need when you're doing all this stuff uh soundbites video clips images yeah and sometimes you know if we have four making a shown we need a audio from the top of mountain.

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