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I've noticed that ton of people on the Internet especially people who are in professions or ear. Audrey words pardon me models. It doesn't matter. People are talking about building. Your personal I think is up intensity because no often people think that building your brand is just about what you put out there and not necessarily about what he's things done that have made millions and made a Bradford themselves after not really do much for say three you. You actually do have to do something and do something. Extraordinary in order to start crafting. A brand that sticks. Oh absolutely and you know almost held the the the the thing is is that Personal branding is not new. What is new is that the market has shifted the economic Situation the global economy the the fourth industrial revolution is caused every company to you be in a state of transformation so we talked about personal branding. Today we really have to say what is the value proposition they people. UC's live descriptors. That really didn't have substance and and what I really want to encourage people to do is understand. Dan How what they do on a daily basis actually contributes to the bottom line Roi and profitability of the organization. And so it's it's not about You know this notion of. I'm going to represent myself in this elegant you know will Thought out way it is about the value and the impact that you can talk about directly and it's GonNa be quite an audible so so so. I think that that we're a new era. Where we talk about personal branding and we're talking about and we're talking about leadership sustainability and Dan impact right and so what you know the Marshall Goldsmith whole notion of what got you here won't take you there? Yeah I think we've reached a point that a lot of the leadership lessons that we learned ten years ago or no longer relevant and and because the workforce or course has changed and because the marketplaces has changed and most importantly because the consumer has changed. We need to rethink. What personal personal leadership branding really mean? Wow so how does authenticity klay into it. Because a lot of folks that are out there trying to brand themselves. Als pensively yeah works as you guys. Do you remember the fake it to you make it. Yeah okay so so you know that was A phrase that came out when people didn't understand that their power really come from their authentic diversity. The we we really weren't celebrating reading each and every individual's contribution at that time it was more like okay. Let's just you know. Get along to be along and whether the And I it wasn't really at the core of who you are as a you're brilliant. Each of us has a natural actual Sphere of brilliant and that really is is connected to who we are authentically and the thing that I really want to encourage anyone one. Who's listening to our conversation? Today is to get in touch with the blood that flows through your veins. You see particularly as women of color particularly African American. We have been subjected to all kinds of Rhetoric about about who we are and that rhetoric sometimes has suggested that who we are is not good enough but the truth of the matter is is that African Americans in particular. Victor are some of the most resilient people on the face of the planet. We know how to navigate change like nobody else's business and and what organizations need now. They need leaders. Who can help others navigate so so if you can get in touch with with who you are authentically and you've heard me say this before? I'll say it again for the benefit of everyone is listening. You know one of the most important important activities that ever did in my life was to go back and look at the ten most defining moment in my life and as I reflected selected on those defining moments where asked myself was what was the lesson that the defining moment poppy. And how does that lessen shape who I am authentically. And how can I now own this unapologetically right and say to the world. This is who I am And this is why you WanNa know who I am this is. Why is good for you to know who I am and this is why I need? Who be who I am because when I'm there I'm really good but I'm trying to cover and be like somebody else? I'm not so good guys. Say This is a great point to interject how we even know each other often through this very exercise as as a part of strategic pathways during leadership we during the executive leadership councils leadership and I remember man. The tissue essay is the time to look at those ten most and I'm moments whether they're above the line or below the line. Yeah there were bally's or peaks right you. It takes you back in a way that makes you own. Your story story started. Yes it is yes it is. Who's a moment for me because I probably had voice out loud that new itself that needed to be voice and on your Abole Gee let me be proud of it? So yeah ain't for me. Yeah Yeah same for me. Yeah I mean I you know I think. A lot of women particularly Women of Color we are about the business of doing. We're rear really good at working right. We we know how to be workhorses right And to do what other people say and thinks that we should do do but I think the proposition and the invitation that you're extending to people is hey you can be authentic and you can be extremely successful and you can go from being successful to being significant when you are playing to your authentic self because because when you reveal those stories you know like I shared with with you about Being twenty two my special needs funding born and knocking knocking me on my my behind and Me You know having to reconcile with what really is truly meaningful in life and and discovering in my own resilient and my own appetite for equality and so much of what I do today really comes from obviously being raised the deep south being born into segregation. But then having you know especially son and then having a daughter who ultimately married A wonderful man who is Caucasian and my family you know is real and Just trying to ensure that people understand that at the core of everyone is a story and if we could slow down enough to hear and listen and really understand the stories my goodness gracious of life. What could we do to change this planet?.

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