Professor, Walker, Reyes Rick discussed on Wisconsin's Morning News with Gene Mueller


At doing this and he's pushing the region's to do this is to crack the number of ours that professor is actually teach and use that as one of the ways to try to determine you know how good a professor reyes rick teacher is or hell well they are doing their job now actually the numbers are are staggering you w at you go university wisconsin madison faculty and you w madison but an average okay i've point nine how worse per week in the classroom in the fall of two thousand and fifteen five point nine hours that that's the average so the full time professor full time teachers on average five point nine hours in the classroom and that by the way is average which means some taught more but some clock left that's you know so that that's on average in contrast the academic in structural stare staff at you w college's spent an average of over twenty eight hours in a week in the classroom in that semester and that's teaching the students who attended thirteen to your campus it's so you know in some you don't you campus is particularly like the to your colleges at all the the the the professor are actually teachers there in the classroom teaching twenty point two out twenty point two hours at you don't you madison the average is five point nine powers again that's average meeting some taught more but some caught laughs so under walker's proposal one of the way is one of the ways that they would determine whether or not you know the colleges are meeting standards of university meeting standards is to monitor the workloads of university faculty including the number of our stake each now let me say this i i i will be the first one to tell you that the number of our if you spend in a classroom isn't necessarily the only in ticket it indicator of how well.

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